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While many people look forward to the holidays for presents and meals, I get excited about the holiday parties. The chance to dress up and catch up with old friends and family - I can't get enough. It's a time of year when sparkly sequins and shimmery metallics come out to play and there's really no look that's too over the top (proof: ugly Christmas sweaters - of which I own none).

So it's no surprise that the first couple of weeks of January can feel drawn-out and drab. It's freezing, your current wardrobe choices include black with black (accented by black coat, black boots and black scarf), and you are DONE with root vegetables of any kind.

And let's talk about your pallor. It's been a good five months since your sweet mug leaned into the sun's warm rays - you are looking a little peaked. You could use a little physical lift as well as a mental one.

That's why you need Lise Watier Eye Glitter Liner. It's that little pop of sparkle you so desperately need right now without being ostentatious or garish.

It's a sexy nod to your glam self without the satin and sequins, so go ahead and rock it all day every day. It's just slightly noticeable during the mid-morning meeting when you're crushing your presentation to the board, but it'll put your beautiful self in the spotlight later when you're looking down, perusing the annual report, or later tonight reading the menu over candlelight.

Your peepers lined in Silver Stars or Opale (pictured above) won't be overly dramatic (you will not look like a bedazzled tween or Hedwig, I swear). Instead you get this luscious fringe that appears delicately line in hammered metal if you're donning silver, or freshly fallen snow that glimmers if you've chosen the mother of pearl opale.

It's fun yet sophisticated, luminous without being garish. And surprisingly easy to apply - use the teeny brush to sweep the iridescent twinkle along your lash line. Controlling the thin line is effortless thanks to the high-precision brush tip. I'm a mess at doing makeup and yet I achieve a flawless line each and every time. 

A thin line is all you need to make a big impact, but by all means go deep with a thick swath or add a second layer for double the intensity. As long as you're not in head-to-toe Liberace-esque bling, you will attract attention in only the very best way.

Oh, and because I know it's on your mind - it comes off like a dream. No scrubbing or rubbing. That's thanks to its awesome water-based formula, but don't worry - it doesn't smudge.

The eyes have it, or at least yours will with Lise Watier Glitter Eye Liner, so shop now. In Canada, shop online on in-store at beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart.

p.s. I recommend getting both shades. After all, we've still got three months left of winter and your head-to-toe black needs all the help it can get.

Stephanie Dickison

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