Amanda Lacey Oils of Provence - The Ultimate Skin Saviour

Sometimes a whole skincare collection is too much, too cluttered, too time consuming, too overwhelming. I mean, you're already balancing the weight of the world, do you really need a counter full of new products to try and dissect? 

Sometimes it just takes one product to completely transform your skin.

U.K. Facialist Amanda Lacey is responsible for breathtaking skin across the globe, from the rich and famous to us regular folks. Her luxe line stands out from the crowd thanks to products like Oils of Provence.

The small bottle contains a decadent formula that is as intoxicating in scent as results. The rich oil is suitable for all skin types including sensitive and delicate (in fact, you might just reap the most rewards) and is to be applied at night. This one product will be the single catalyst to you finally looking forward to bedtime after all these years.

After all, your dry, red and irritated skin (thanks snow flurries and ice storm) not only gets the soothing of a lifetime, the captivating fragrance of lavender, sage, armoise, eucalyptus and bois de rose will lull you into a relaxed, peaceful state that no amount of dull podcasts or cups of nighty night tea can manage.

How can an oil this full-bodied feel so light and without a lick of greasiness? Simply warm the oil in your hands and apply to your face and neck (stay clear of the eye area) in an upward massaging motion.

Warm and nourishing upon application, take in that heady scent. This is the life.

You need only the teensiest amount of this dramatically elegant oil to see a mammoth effect and it absorbs so quickly, you don't have to worry about any oily face-prints left on pillowcases.

Not only does this extraordinary lotion pamper your skin and soul like you've been at the spa for treatments for six hours, you'll wake to plump, hydrated, youthful and even skin that doesn't require a stitch of makeup (but of course all is forgiven should you not leave the house without your usual arsenal).

All that from one single product - Amanda Lacey Oils of Provence.

So yes, it's absolutely worth the price tag.

And just imagine what the rest of her boss skincare line could do. 

Stephanie Dickison

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