Static Schmatic - An All-Natural Solution for One of Life's Most Annoying Problems

Now that the cold weather has arrived, so has static cling. In a major way. 

In addition to sharp shocks, you'll also experience clothes uncomfortably, unflatteringly, adhering to you. In fact, it's usually the most embarrassing kind - skirts riding up too high, dresses clinging to our backsides. And that's not all. Your hair will join in on the action. Great, after all that time getting ready to look your best, now you're a hot mess.

Up until now, the choices of remedies have been slim. Most commonly, a noxious, toxic spray in a can that while separating you from your clothes, leaves a chemical stench and particles in the air and settling deep into your garments and skin.

As if that's not bad enough, it's flammable too.

That's why you need to get yourself Static Schmatic.

Using only natural ingredients including  aloe vera, salt, and coconut oil, the collection of scent-free sprays rid you of any and all static, without imposing harmful chemicals on you or the environment.

Created by mother/daughter duo Kris and Whitney Foley, the sprays are made in small batches, and put into bottles and hand-applied labels. All ingredients and supplies are from the U.S.

Select from formulas for clothes, hair, the fellas,  kids, and even pets. Because if you're hair is standing on end and your dress is clutching at every inch of you, no doubt the guys, kiddies and furry ones are going to be full of static too.

The slim brown plastic bottles are small enough to tuck into a travel bag, and emit a fine mist that covers a large area so you only need a pump or two. It doesn't leave attire wet or sticky, and in fact, it's impossible to detect thanks to it being odourless as well.

This winter, we're all going to be battling our clothes sticking to us every which way.

Free yourself and let loose with Static Schmatic now.

Stephanie Dickison

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