Mother Dirt - A Radical Collection that Changes Everything

Mother Dirt is not a skincare or beauty company, though at first glance their lineup of products - moisturizer, cleanser, mist and shampoo - say otherwise. Instead they think of themselves as a healthcare company.

It's easy to see why, when you realize Mother Dirt is the first company of its kind and their products are entirely different than anything else you've applied to your skin and hair thus far.

While their bottles and jars might appear to be regular ol' skincare products, the contents reveal otherwise, thanks to the extensive work of their research partner partner AOBiome. Since 2013, AOBiome has been exploring" the impact of Ammonia Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB) on the skin microbiome and overall skin health."

Uh, what does that mean exactly? To keep everything from getting too technical, basically, it's restoring good bacteria into the skin. Similar to how we've learned the importance of good bacteria and probiotics in our gut, Mother Dirt's purpose it to do the same thing with our skin.

"Our skin biome is nurtured from the moment we're born, passed down to us from our mothers, and is constantly evolving throughout our lives by our environment, interaction with nature, and lifestyle." the company says. 

Their products are designed to to be friendly to the good bacteria on your skin and help maintain a balanced microbiome on it. It turns out that our modern ways of living have caused us to lose much of our essential bacteria and this helps to replace it. Products and ingredients have been chosen to enhance and protect the skin biome. Think of it as the new way to treat and clean your skin and hair.

You'll notice changes including how your skin feels and looks after just a few uses. You'll also notice expiration dates, so be sure to use these products within eight weeks of receipt.

Take a closer look at these radical skincare and haircare products:

- Shampoo

The path to clean, healthy locks can be found in this plant-based, colour-safe, gentle clear gel.

It lathers ever so slightly, bur feels like it gets right in there where all that product buildup has been all this time. Where other hair cleansers have claimed to go, but never quite reached. All the dirt and oil that you think you'd got rid of is finally been shown the exit.

And here's the bonus - as it's made to keep your hair and scalp healthy and happy, you'll need less and less of it. Thus, what initially seems like a small pump bottle, actually boasts enough product to last you well into the new year.

There's no fragrances or preservatives, so it's good for the whole fam.

And most importantly, it's good for all of you - your skin, your hair, your health.

- Face & Body Cleanser

Say hello to a mild yet effective plant-based cleanser that will leave you feeling squeaky clean from head to toe. But actually, you don't need to use it everywhere - just on the parts that get grimy and sweaty the most  - feet, hands, scalp, face, underarms and nether regions.

The thin foam pumps with ease. You'll notice a slight medicinal smell like rubbing alcohol, but it's faint, so don't be put off. Applied to damp skin, it works on everything from steadfast makeup to all crud and oil that's come your way and yet doesn't live your skin feeling dehydrated and puckered. You skin feels fresh, immaculate, and soothed. Like a bracing breeze, you'll feel fresh and rejuvenated.

Suitable for dry, oily, and sensitive skin types, it's also unisex, so don't be surprised if the fellas you know and love are all over it too.

- AO+ Mist

Get ready for a revolution. This gentle odourless mist that stays in the fridge until use and then you've got 4 weeks to use this game changer filled with live cultured ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB). Just shake it, and mist twice daily, especially after showers and focus on the areas where you sweat most.

In just two weeks, you'll notice your skin tone evens out, smooths and softens, hydrates and even more odourless. And get this - by using the other products in this fascinating, unique lineup, it enhances the results of the mist.

A bottle full of live bacteria to help keep your skin clean. How cool is that?!

It just goes to show how groundbreaking the Mother Dirt collection really is.


Mother Dirt products are based on incredibly intricate technologies and advanced scientific research, but they are as effortless to use as the other products crowding your shelves and counters. So shop Mother Dirt now and get your skin back to healthy.

Stephanie Dickison

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