Seche Base & Vive - Preserve Your Polish for the Whole Week

A boss base and top coat make all the difference in how long your mani/pedi lasts without chipping.

One of three industry's most beloved lines Seche, has just come out with a new and improved formula that changes everything.

While not brand new, Seche Base is a key step to keeping your nails on point. Specially formulated with finely ground quartz crystal, this pale white, creamy liquid gives the best possible foundation, smoothing everything out and giving your polish something secure to hold onto.

Start with a solid base and your looking at a manicure and pedicure that will last and last.

The newest addition to the Seche treatment collection, Seche Vive gives the look and feel of gel nails without any of the hassle of special equipment. The formula goes on thick, though not gloopy, and dries faster than you can explain the latest plot twist on Stranger Things.

A liquid shine finish enriches any polish, no matter what the colour. The hard casing protects your nails against all that work and traveling you do in a week. I moved boxes, cooked elaborate dinners, rearranged furniture, scrubbed the bathroom until it gleamed, and managed to not chip a nail for seven days.

And that's not even the best part. To remove it, go ahead and use whatever acetone or non-acetone polish removers you have on hand. And despite the thick, rock hard coating, it comes off effortlessly. 

Extending your manicure means less time, money and fuss. It translates to you being free to use your hands without being precious about it. I'm not saying you have to start woodworking or scraping decals off windows, but everyday tasks become easier when you're not worrying about if your polish is going to keep up with your life.

It will now, thanks to Seche.

Seche products are available in Canada at Loblaws, Lawtons, London Drugs, Rexall, and Shoppers Drug Mart stores nationwide.

Stephanie Dickison

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