Lug Cruiser 4-Wheel Roller Bag - Luggage You Can't Wait to Use

Having the right luggage makes all the difference when traveling.

Since gifting my one carry-on to an out of town friend a couple of years back, I've been lugging around handbags and gym bags back and forth to the airport. Not cool.

Searching for a new suitcase, I wanted it all - something that glides like a dream, wheels in any direction, is lightweight and can be crammed into tight spaces without denting or getting damaged. Oh and make it affordable while you're at it. As much as I love those ridged metallic suitcases, I'm not about to drop a couple of grand on something that will no doubt be beat up in a  few weeks of travel.

I found all that and more in the brand new luggage by Lug at this year's NKPR IT House x Producers Ball event.

The Canadian company has long been famous for their lightweight quilted bags. And now famous folks have been spotted toting the comfy line including Gwen Stefani, Carrie Underwood and Justin Bieber. No doubt they'll want to add the new Cruiser 4-Wheel Roller Bag to their roster.

There is so much to love about this bag:

- It may be the standard carry-on size (15.5" w x 21" h x 9" d) but thanks to its squishy top and sides, you can wrangle it into way more areas than the stiffer materials could ever imagine.

- You've probably never held my purse before, but trust me - us gals carry around enough for three day's survival. The lighter the bag the better. This beauty weighs just 5.35 lbs. I didn't know luggage could be this light. I am in love.

- Thanks to a hard case wheel system, it sails across any surface. I tested it out this week during the craziness of TIFF, and it sailed across even the bumpiest asphalt, so you can imagine the smooth ride you get along the smooth concrete floors at the airport. 

- Pockets, pockets and more pockets! When you're en route, there never seems to be enough pockets. but with The Cruiser, there are more compartments than I know what to do with. I count 11. I know. I can't believe it either.  There's even a hidden water bottle holder because to be hands-free means complete freedom.

- Colours. There are an array of colours to choose from. While it's always tempting to go with black, I chose walnut, which is a dreamy griege. And I love the chevron quilting. Tres chic (I happened to get a glance of Founder Ami Richter's Cruiser - hers is in camo similar to this. I hope she makes a whole whack of them for us consumers).

- The cushiony fabric is finished with a water-repellent coating and the easy clean undercarriage wipes up in a snap. So go ahead rain, sleet, snow, and mud - I'm ready for you. 

- Bonus! Each wheelie comes with a 3-piece Cargo Packing Kit, making packing even easier. Especially good news if you tend to leave packing to the last minute.

- To make packing even easier, the main compartment opens flat so that you don't have to prop up sides or try to wedge openings to get your clothes into your bag.

- There are also long handles, should you want the option. Nice. Because we always want options.

The genius of this bag is that it takes all the stresses of packing and wheeling your luggage around completely away, so you can just enjoy your trip without having to fuss or repack or think about it ever. It's a miracle.

There are a lot of different types of bags available, not all luggage. My current wish list contains the Airbus Weekender Bag for overnights, and the awesome Boxer Gym/Overnight Bag to tote to my new gym (it's a fact - having cute workout gear makes it easier to burn through reps).

But right now, I can't imagine my life without my Cruiser 4-Wheel Roller Bag now. And thanks to my new foxy luggage, I went online and started planning my next trip. I can't wait to take this bag out on the road.

Stephanie Dickison

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