Fusion Beauty LASHFUSION Collection - Dramatically Long, Fierce Lashes Are Now Yours

Fusion Beauty's incredible new LASHFUSION Collection gives you everything you need to get the lashes of your dreams without ever having to apply fake ones.

Take a closure look at this fabulous band of mascaras:

- LASHFUSION Armour Enhancing + Conditioning Primer

Most last primers are colourless, so while you show 'em lots of love with the spool, you've still got to put on mascara before you go out.

Thankfully, Fusion Beauty has figured out that by tinting the primer with black - and Jet Black, at that - you get the best of both worlds in one handy product.

The brush is outfitted with small, tight bristles that make application insanely smooth and easy to get in right at the roots and hard-to-reach spots like that near-to-impossible inner corner. There are seriously no clumps or lumps, something have to battle constantly thanks to lashes so close together and going in every direction.

The emollient formula feels instantly nourishing and hydrating and provides an even, solid base should you wish to follow with mascara (For the most lengthening results, follow with LASHFUSION Xtension Dramatically Lengthening Fiber Mascara. For the most dramatic results, follow with LASHFUSION Dramatically Volumizing Mascara).

Enriched with Pro-Vitamin B5. antioxidants and peptides, the silky formula strengthens (read: no more breakage) and hydrates and doesn't budge, no no need to ever fret about smudges or flakes.

I prefer it on it's own for day-to-day wear and then I add one of the mascaras above when I'm heading out for dinner or drinks for added oomph.

p.s. It's also available in waterproof formula.

If you want long lashes right away without the fuss or muss of eyelash extensions all you need is this powerful little wand in hand.

I get extreme reactions when I wear it and most people think I'm wearing false eyelashes. That's how dramatic the difference is. The shade - Dramatic Black - adds to its visibility.

The sumptuous, long-wearing formula sweeps across lashes with ease. Soft, flexible nylon fibers and micro-fibers bulk up your lashes while infusing them with conditioners and oceanic materials. Widelash Peptide also helps stimulate the synthesis of collagen and keratin in lashes, so while your lashes look full and lush, they become fuller and lush IRL without any product on.

Available in waterproof formula as well.

While it's awesome that many mascaras can give your lashes temporary plumping and extend them past what you're used to, wouldn't it be great if they helped them along to do that on their own as well?

This paraben-free lash treatment  (pictured above) comes with patented technology that thickens, strengthens, conditions and "encourages lash enhancement." What does that mean exactly? Your lashes are going to expand to three times more volume in just 15 days. That means, in about two weeks after use, you should be able to see a marked difference in those formerly skinny minnies of yours.

An all-in-one product that gives your lashes the conditioning they so desperately need, while boosting their size and magnitude, and then encouraging and stimulating their growth is the beauty trifecta you've been waiting for.

The bulbous brush and Widelash technology makes it easy to get instant volume in the meantime. And the Extreme Black shade means there's no way anyone's going to look past your peepers - they are centre stage from now on.

And because it's waterproof, you can swim, get caught in the rain, watch a sad movie, and shower after your workout without fear of racoon eyes.

It really is all that.


All you need for insta-worthy lashes? Fusion Beauty's LASHFUSION Collection.

Fusion Beauty LASHFUSION products are available online, and in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, so shop now.

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