Deborah Lippmann After Midnight Fall Collection - The Most Captivating Autumnal Shades

Deborah Lippmann always gets it right. The mood, the season, the finish.

That's why I couldn't wait to start wearing the Deborah Lippmann After Midnight Fall Collection

The four shade compilation includes crèmes such as Wild Thing, a deep peacock that delivers a delicious dark forest green that is simultaneously mysterious and alluring. So much more enticing that mere black.

The rest of the range looks equally evocative:

- After Midnight - Inky indigo crème that would be as at home in Maxfield Parrish's palette as on your tips.

- Love Hangover - Deep, dusky, creamy, romantic rose pairs beautifully with everything from slouchy boyfriend jeans to merino wool pullovers (I would wear it every single day until Spring).

- Smoke Gets In Your Eyes - A subtle smudge of smoke across a compelling blue is rich with possibility.  A modern classic that will captivate all in its wake.

Forget necklaces and bandanas - these are the perfect accessories for my fall/winter wardrobe.

I have long been enamoured by Deborah Lippmann, but this is my favourite collection yet. I want them all. Now, forever and always.

Deborah Lippmann After Midnight Fall Collection is available in Canada at Murale and online in the U.S.

p.s. Be sure to check out other spectacular shades including Happy Birthday, Brick House, and Sexy Back.

Stephanie Dickison

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