memobottle - Round Bottles are for Squares

For years, no decades, I have been searching for a cool water bottle that doesn't cost $50.

Something sleek and streamlined that is easy to hold and doesn't weigh a ton. But have you noticed how the majority of bottles look exactly the same except for slight variances of widths, heights, colours and patterns? It's so annoying. 

So when I stumbled across the memobottle online, I felt about it the way I remember when I first laid eyes on  David Beckham - true love. 

For the first time ever in my life, here was a slim rectangular bottle. I could never understand the logic of trying to squeeze a round bottle into a purse or laptop bag. I wanted something I could easily slip into my bag instead of having to awkwardly hold it all day.

Also the slim width makes it easy to cary the same amount of water as a "regular" bottle without taking up prime real estate. You can actually slip it in between folders in your bag/tote/briefcase without having to shuffle and juggle everything around.

And being a stationery fiend and a full time writer and editor that still relies heavily on paper, the idea that it was designed to look like a piece of A5 and A6 paper is such a bonus, is such a thrill, you'll more often than not see me hugging my memobottle as much as drinking from it.

No offence, but round bottles are for squares now that memobottle is on the scene.

I love that its durable and yet so lightweight. It looks like glass, and that it would weigh a lot, but thankfully it doesn't. The A5, which I have, holds more than the typical plastic bottle (750 ml/25 oz). If you want something a bit smaller, get the A6 which holds 375 ml/12 oz. 

It makes everything easier - traveling, heading to the office or gym, staying hydrated. It's everything you could want in a water bottle, except it's even better because it's the coolest looking thing ever.

Made with durable, recyclable BP-free plastic and designed in Melbourne Australia, creators Jesse Leeworthy & Jonathan Byrt have constructed a stunningly designed solution to the single use bottle consumption problem: 50 billion single use bottles are purchased each year in the US, and 1,500 of them are discarded every second.

Join the #OneBottleMovement and get yourself a memobottle - the coolest, most sophisticated water bottle now.

Stephanie Dickison

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