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I've had it up here with cosmetic cases that last all of six months. That wear at the corners after mere days and then split in a spot just big enough that your eyeliner and lipgloss can slip out of and cover the rest of the contents of your bag in aubergine and electric teal. Cases where the zipper breaks and because you never remember you need to replace it, end up using an old rubber band to keep things together. Tsk tsk - you are so much better than that.

Whether you travel a lot or just like to stash your belongings in an organized fashion, Marbleknot Design Studio's Cosmetic Cases were made with you in mind.

Chief Visualizer Emilio Barbero has a passion for  surface pattern design and specifically geometry. He gets excited about exploring "the interaction between three basic shapes: circles, squares and triangles." The result is a host of modern, fresh and cheerful patterns to choose from. Twenty in fact including plaids, hexagons, asterix, polka dots, scales, and waves, to name just a few.

Aside from the wonderfully vibrant designs and colours, what makes Marbleknot Design Studio's Cosmetic Cases truly standout is the craftsmanship.

These cases were built to last. Just the gold zipper alone has true heft and weight (made from metal instead of cheap plastic - hallelujah!). There's no way this sturdy beauty (24 cm x 15 cm)  is coming open upon takeoff, like those plastic ones you've been toting around.

The thick material (100% polyester) with full printed design on both front and back, has the integrity of upholstery (it practically stands vertically, it's so strong) without the weight. Expertly lined, filled and edged, this case is up for whatever bumpy ride you're on.

My Architect Blue Zippy Case does more than just hold makeup. It's a place to stow notebooks and pens, bills and receipts, phone cables and accessories, passport and itinerary. I don't know about you but bags, totes and purses never come with enough pockets for everything. These cases make everything easier to find. Thus, making life easier.

Marbleknot also offers a variety of accessories and household items - pocket squares, bow ties, glass cloths, scarves, notebooks, watches and more, in over 2,000 unique patterns of unique patterns available for licensing. All products are manufactured in small batches in North America.

Shop Marbleknot now and get a serious quality case, finished with a fun geometric print. 

Stephanie Dickison

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