Bliss Fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage - Va Va Va Voom!

This bust enhancer couldn't have arrived at a a better time. Now that the weather is warming, it's time to finally switch out of sweaters and long sleeves over to tops, tanks, tees and LBDs. And let's face it, it's also time to show off a little after being covered head to toe all winter long.

Instead of resorting to painful surgeries or uncomfortable padded bras, why not just enhance what you have with Bliss Fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage enhancing décolleté and bust soufflé.

I can't believe the difference it makes.

Plump firm, juicy skin swells like it's had a boost of collagen. It's not a full cup size but it sure feels like it. Think of how your lips get superior fullness when you use a lip plumper.  It's like that here, but below your collarbone.

Your décolleté and bust gets such a lift - the skin gets this mother-of-pearl perfection that is taut, lifted and full of youth.

The scent is clean and slightly floral (if it came in a laundry detergent or a perfume, I would snap it up). The texture is light and airy on the tips of your fingers, but it glides against your skin as smoothly as a figure skater on ice.

Light diffusers and something called adopofillin work their magic so well, I feel like one of those voluptuous Guess models or Kate Upton (fun fact: we can both Cat Daddy and Dougie like a boss).

You massage it onto your skin in upward motions for 20-30 seconds, starting from the base of the breasts up to the collar bone. I have never spent more than a brief second applying body lotion here, so this is new for me. But the result is astonishing. I go from my usual chest which is good, to something truly extraordinary. It's not porn star huge or anything grossly inappropriate. Just a fuller shape that looks fab-effin-fantanstic in tanks and dresses. 

And it gets better - your breasts are now so soft to the touch (thanks to shea butter and coconut oil) while remaining as firm as a coconut. It's truly magical.

And if you thought that was the best part - hold up. There's more good news. While your extra oomph thanks to this weightless whipped lotion lasts roughly 24 hours, the active complex of adopofillin and light diffusers work to "help skin look firmer and more lifted with use over time while it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and evens skin tone." So the more you use it, the better your breasts will look. You can apply it up to twice a day, so while everyone else struggles with sagging, deflating, wrinkly, aged skin, you will remain as pert as a twenty year old, no matter what your age.

Already I can see the marked contrast in the before and after. 

Add a little oomph back to your silhouette not just for the season, but forever, and shop Bliss Fabgirl Leave It To Cleavage now at Hudson’s Bay,, Sephora,, London Drugs, and

Stephanie Dickison

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