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After recently updating my wardrobe to simple, classic basics, I decided I needed to do the same with my jewelry. Although I had come to rely on having a host of choices, I noticed that I was always gravitating to the same five pieces. I figured out that it was because they go with everything and I feel good in them.

I had come to rely on almost exclusively statement necklaces in the last decade, but now I wanted to add in minimalist pieces based on my sleek new tops and dresses.

These days I want on-trend pieces that aren't part of the glut at the mall. I crave original designs that are made from quality materials while not costing a freakin' fortune.

That's why I fell so hard for eLiasz and eLLa Jewelry.

Founders and Creators Kristen Mackie & Martin Krezalek run their independent Canadian jewelry company out of  Edmonton, Alberta. The shop carries necklaces, bracelets (including custom designs), earrings and men's jewelry and accessories.

Their pieces are delicate but still leap out and catch your eye. 

I love the juxtaposition of materials such as the Absolute Druzy Stone Necklace featuring a natural light amethyst bar-shaped stone in gold plating and Unforgettable Stone Necklace gold pendant with spectacular rose quartz and labradorite stone. 

Stone bracelets are all the rage, and they offer teeny tiny designs like the Lady Micro Mini Stone Bangin' Bracelet alongside more robust orbs in every colour imaginable. Another slim pick comes way of  the simple but stunning Gold Lotus ciTy (bang)le.

Many of the necklaces come with an accompanying pendant stamped with eLiasz and eLLa on it. Unlike other companies, the moniker blends in with the design of the piece - adding to it, instead of taking away from the clean lines.

It is practically impossible to choose just one necklace from the bodacious collection. The beautiful, raw stones are so of the moment and go with whatever look you're currently rocking. And the delicate, whimsical designs on a chain are completely totes adorbs. How could you not want to envelop Dog Love and take him home? Or the Iliad Seahorse? Love Note is the perfect romantic gesture for or from your bae, but also an ideal gift for your BFF (spoiler alert Zoe!). And of course the minimalist in me is all aflutter over the Orbit Necklace with rose gold pendant and rose quartz stone. 

But when it came down to it, I had to go with the Ananas Necklace in rose gold. The pineapple is modern, chic, and being a food and restaurant writer, a natural choice.

What I love about it is the size and detail. While certainly not heavy, it's the heft which I really admire. You know that it's a truly solid piece when you hold and wear it. That and the intricate detailing - the perfect cross-hatching that has the comforting texture of a thimble and the spiky leaves on top that are the perfect length (proportion makes all the difference) with slightly rounded corners. If it were the size of a half litre of milk, I would prop it up on my desk or my bar cabinet for all the see. It truly is a thing of beauty. The rose gold chain too, is flawless. The tiny links are in balance with the size of the piece, something that many jewellers get wrong (I have a stunning pendant that I've never worn because the designer put it on a linked chain as big as a fence).

And like I said, the nameplate adds to the design with a thin lightweight disc, smaller and lighter than a penny. I love it as much as I love mementoes I've held onto for years. And the compliments roll in every time I wear it. Which is as often as possible.

p.s. It arrives in an adorable little drawstring fabric pouch with polishing cloth.
p.p.s. They offer free shipping in North America!

The eLiasz and eLLa array of earrings is top notch. Everything has true finesse. You could wear them as easily to a gala as the office or neighbourhood coffee shop.

Ever since the Rose Gold Hustle ciTy sTuds (pictured above) arrived, I have worn almost nothing else since. They look glamorous without being too glitzy. They work as well with jeans and a tee as with a LBD. The rounded corners add a softness to them and the surface is more shimmer than glitter. It's the size too that E & E gets bang on. Too big and you'd look like a secretary from the 60's (not bad, if that's what you're going for), too small and all that detail gets lost. With my short hair, I never want to wear studs that take up a lot of real estate. It can age you more than the creases around your eyes. These, however, are perfection.

Shop eLiasz and eLLa now and get striking jewelry that you can't wait to wear again, or simply never take off.

Stephanie Dickison

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