ATTITUDE Cleaners - New Natural Pink Grapefruit Scent Adds Spring Freshness

I first discovered ATTITUDE Cleaners back in 2013. I liked them so much, I tried them again in 2014.

Since then, their carcinogen-free household products have become a staple in my home. I like that I can still get a good deep clean without having to yield to using any chemicals. And their fragrances are always fresh, but never cloying. 

So I was excited to get to try out their new Pink Grapefruit scent using pink grapefruit extract, just in time for spring cleaning. 

The new scent has a slight pink citrus fragrance, but is floral too. It's like a whiff of fresh grapefruit mingling with a spritz of effervescent blooms.

Take a look at the new Pink Grapefruit collection:

Years ago, I used to get harsh chemical detergents when they went on sale at the grocery store. And while my clothes certainly seemed clean, I never felt quite right about all that junk embedded into the fibres rubbing right up against my skin. Then I broke out into an itchy rash. I immediately swapped to an all-natural detergent and voila - no more rash. Since then I have only used laundry detergents that I can count on being free of irritating enzymes, using natural and safe ingredients. Not only does my skin feel better, my clothes are cleaned effectively and gently without toxic components.

The ingredients - water,  vegetable anionic surfactants, vegetable non-ionic surfactants, sodium citrate (which is the sodium salt of citric acid), sodium gluconate (the sodium salt of gluconic acid), sweet fruit, herbs and jasmine - are ones that you can feel good about.
And while the detergent does have that fresh and energizing pink grapefruit scent in the bottle (think refreshing cocktail), I didn't detect it in my clothes or sheets - just a lovely clean finish.


You probably use fabric softener like most people, but I never had up until trying ATTITUDE Pink Grapefruit Fabric Softener. That's right, this was my first foray into softer clothes.

It includes many of the same ingredients as the detergent, and compared to another brand's fabric softener, the consistency is thinner, and more watery. The bottle is good for 40 loads.

I used it with my sheets and towels and did notice a difference in feel right away. Again, there was no actual pink grapefruit scent that clung to my linens, but it did bring with it a wonderful spring freshness. Which makes you feel like you've spring cleaned, even if you haven't touched a mop or sponge.

- Dishwashing Liquid

I am always on the hunt for a new dishwashing liquid scent. I am so bored of what's been available on the shelves for years, so I was really looking forward to this one. Out of all the ATTITUDE pink grapefruit products I tried, this is the one where the pink grapefruit scent comes through the most. It is invigorating and stimulating, which is a great space to be when doing dishes.

Not covering my dishes and cutlery, or my hands for that matter, in anything unhealthy or harmful, is always a priority. This dish soap just happens to smell great too.

Whether you've got this in the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, this foaming hand soap with a revitalizing crisp citrus scent, leaves your hands feeling clean and fresh.

And because the foaming action uses less soap than liquid dispensers, it lasts and lasts, saving you both time and money. 

- Natural Air Purifier

You don't have to live with a smoker or a stinky pet to need an air purifier. I find that simply having the windows closed for a few days due to dropped temperatures can leave the air a little stale.

The activated carbon filter trap pollutants and eliminates stubborn odours, so it works whether you just to improve the air in the house or you've got a big cleaning job ahead of you - if you're thinking of going through that hall closet filled of coats from decades ago or you've got a hockey player in the house (no gym bag can ever stink as badly as hockey gear), you're going to want to have this at your side.

I would never use a purifier with synthetic fragrances, but this one uses ingredient derived from natural plant extracts, so it's safe to use even with children and pets in the house.

It lasts for up to six weeks, depending on the size of the room, which means it will get you through the spring season from start to finish.

Shop ATTITUDE Cleaners now.

Stephanie Dickison

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