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Never before has workout clothing been so fashionable. Even if you're not heading to the studio or gym for a class or workout, suddenly fitness got fashionable and the styles hit the streets and the office.

And while I had purchased new pieces just last year, they were already out of date - leggings had changed shape and length, gear was accented with mesh panels and strategic cutouts, tops had been seriously cropped. With great haste, I needed an upgrade for my workout and running gear.

I did some exhaustive research and found that style and function came together most beautifully with Onzie out of Los Angeles, CA (The whole process from start to finish happens in L.A. - from knitting, dyeing, cutting, and sewing, to photography, marketing, distribution and design).

The modern to bohemian looks move with your body and flatter your form, all the while still giving you the protection against sweat and the elements, and allowing you to perform laps, leaps, bounds, et al.

Innovative Free-Flow Fabric Technology allows your body to breathe and stay cool no matter what the activity. From hot yoga to working the machines, the engineering that went into designing these clothes makes all the difference. Made to last, the fabrics are  thick and sturdy, but feel lightweight and are designed to dry quickly.

Whether you're rocking their spandex or jersey blends, theses are some of the most comfortable fabrics I've ever tried. They snug against your skin but never pinches or pulls. The pieces feels elastic in that it firmly supports your body while letting you move with complete ease. It's a real confident builder. You feel strong and sexy. You feel like you can do anything in these awesome clothes (you absolutely can!). Your moves feel more effective and efficient. Your breath becomes more even. You can relax while working your hardest. No wonder people want to wear them all the time. Now that I've know the power and beauty Onzie, I'm not taking mine off. Seriously, who knew you could be this comfy and look so good in the meantime?

This is what I tried and subsequently have fallen in love with. So much so, next time you see me, I'll be head-to-toe in Onzie. I'm not kidding, these clothes are my new religion.

- The Must-Have Elevated Basic Capri: Sprinter Capri - Black / Black Mesh

If you don't already have capris with mesh in them, you need to get them right now. The slight see-thru quality while a fashionable and sexy feature for sure (the design softly swoops from midleg to calf) is actually designed for breathability. Just think about how hot you you get behind the knees when you're running, spinning or in a pretzel pose for yoga. You'll be moving in ways you never imagined now that you're free to extend your limbs.

The 88% polyester/12% spandex blend feels so good, it's just natch that you'll don them wherever and whenever you can. They are super flattering too, hitting you midcalf that makes your legs look and feel like Gisele's, and a low-rise waistband that while stretchy and unobtrusive,  keeps everything in check.

These will be your go-to capris for everything from work to errands, brunches to dinner dates, trust me. I am addicted. All my other pants pale in comparison now.

- The Fun, Colourful Print: Capri Pant - Celeste

Designed just like the awesome Sprinter Capri - Black / Black Mesh, these have the added bonus of a bold print.

Now if you're not a "notice-me-notice-my-pants" kinda girl like me, don't worry. The shape is becoming and they feel like a dream on, that you'll soon get over your horror of being "on display." In fact, the more you wear them, the more confident you'll feel. At first I was hesitant about such a stand-out print, but now I rock 'em all. the. time.

You can also shop other fun graphics such as: Skull, Coccodrillo, Chemistry, Noir, Waikiki, and Nocturnal.  They change all the time, so you can shop seasonally for new looks and never be bored again by your workout clothes.

- The Very Imperative Loose Top: Triangle Mesh Tank - Jean Mesh

As much as  you want to show off that crazy body of yours, if you're slipping into skintight leggings, it's nice to leave something to the imagination up top and wear something more loose-fitting. 

But no one said anything about it having to be unsexy or baggy. Nuh uh - this one size fits all top right here has all the right moves in all the right places. Made of a springy 88% polyester/12% spandex blend, it swings and sways, dips and lifts hypnotically, leaving those in your wake completely transfixed.

And that deep v of mesh in the front and back and low scoop sides? Not only are they brilliant cool-down tools for working out, it was made for drinks afterwards.


1. Who has time to run home and change?
2. Drinks are happening right now.

- The Top With Serious Swagger: Sleeveless Crop - Black

This is the summer I want to rock this body, to show a little skin. But just a little. Let's not get crazy.

This fully-lined crop top (pictured above) is perfect in every way - even though it's midriff baring, it falls low enough that there's no chance of any underboob occurrences. It keeps things classy up top with a high scoop neckline that while doesn't scream Victorian prude, it does keep it on point and balanced.

The secret addition of an invisible shelf bra means you can wear it on its own, which is perfect with those tiny straps and that wide length of shoulder that you get to finally show off. 

The cut is so flattering and the feel so unbelievably soft and stretchy, in addition to slaying at the gym. you'll be pairing it with jeans and skirts all summer long,

Onzie doesn't just fashionable workout gear. Their pieces are made with great purpose, design, attention and durability, and are some of the most flattering, comfortable clothes you'll ever own, so shop right now

Stephanie Dickison

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