Le Mieux Skin Perfecter - Better Than Botox

Le Mieux Skin Perfecter, at first glance, doesn't appear to be anything more than a simple beauty device, but I am here to tell you that it is one of the most essential beauty tools you'll ever own and not just effective, but mind blowing.

It is seriously better than botox. And while I haven't gone under the needle myself, the results from Le Mieux Skin Perfecter are so shockingly immense and immediate, than you'll never have to consider such a painful alternative.

Not only that, I tested it alongside my Mum who saw even more shockingly amazing and instantaneously results, so no matter what your age, this is a must-have.

Here's why:

While its one of most indispensable beauty tools you'll ever own, it's also really cool.

This little gadget does four extraordinary things and it only takes three minutes start to finish. Surely you've got three minutes three times a week to spare to completely transform your skin to not just more youthful, but almost exclusively unlined.

All you need is the Skin Perfecter, water and any serum or moisturizer (water-based will deliver better results than oil-based ones).

The beauty instrument to end all instruments uses professional strength ultrasonic waves to "gently cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and infuse to reveal smoother, brighter, and perfect-looking skin."

Hmm, sounds like claims you've heard time and again, right?

Well this one delivers. And then some.

The device offers powerful ultrasonic vibrations (28,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second, to be exact) that feel like a stimulating massage. It feels so good, you'll be counting down the days and hours until you can do it again.

For the first quick step, you drench your face and neck with water (your skin has to be wet for the conductors to work). Then you hold the mini spatula upside down like a gentle rake and draw lines away from your nose on your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose and neck. Little sprays of water burst close to your skin making the whole minute or so process feel immensely hydrating and rejuvenating. This step works to deep clean, exfoliate and "extract" skin imperfections, but all you'll feel is a lovely massage. Finally, pat skin dry.

The final step is to flip the device around so it is in the "spatula" position and before using, you'll apply serum or moisturizer or whatever skincare product you like, as the device needs the wet ingredient in order to work. You do the exact same motions as in the previous step, and once you've done it just a couple of times, it becomes second nature. This step is all about infusing, toning and stimulating the skin.

The device is powered with a plug to charge it but then you can use it cordless for what seems like forever before having to charge the battery again (the green light means it's good to go).

The accompanying booklet has illustrated pages that show you not only the motions you follow, but the various modes available - after turning the device on, you can choose to use it in sensitive mode (press power button once for cleansing, press power than mode once for the second step) or regular (mode button 2 times for cleansing, mode three times for infusing). These also become automatic after using only a couple of times.

The first time I tried it, I couldn't believe how the frown lines between my eyes, something that I thought were just "natural" and that I'd have to live with had noticeably softened. My neck was definitely sleeker - in fact, now it looked as though I had one. And the little jowly bits near my mouth (just call me Kevin Spacey) had lessened. 

The second time I used it, it was even more exceptional - the deep lines between my brows had all but disappeared. My pores are smaller and my skin is insanely even and smooth and clear.

Even now, months later, it has erased so many lines and creases that I look years younger. So much so that when I ran into my boss after not seeing him for a few months, he actually said, "Wow you look great. You look younger." I had used the device just the night before. 

My Mum has seen even more dramatic results - the deep furrow between her brow is now gone and she's been working on a gaping scar above her brow and it has significantly lessened. In fact, every week since she's been using the Skin Perfecter, she has started a complete age reversal. While my Mum has always looked younger than her age, she has lost at least a decade with this miracle tool. Her skin has tightened as if she's had a facelift or tuck but without the odd falseness that comes with such a gruesome medical procedure where it always seems like something's not quite right - eyes are too wide, forehead is immovable, etc.

In other words, we've both shaved off years from our skin and seen immediate results. So much so, now other people can't help but notice too.

I love that it's simple to use and clean (use just water or a cotton pad saturated with alcohol), that there are no parts to replace or change like most devices, that it stays charged f-o-r-e-v-e-r, a protective cap keeps the unit safe and clean, and it even has an automatic alarm and shut off after 10 minutes so there's no need to panic that you've left it on.

After a decade of testing beauty products, my advice is this - One of the best things you can do for your skin is get yourself on over to Le Mieux and get the Skin Perfecter. It is one of the most shows-topping products I've ever tried.

p.s. If you're looking for other skincare products, I also highly recommend the freaking awesome Le Mieux Bio Cell + Mask,  along with their seriously stunning serums - Rx Complex, Vita-C, TGF-B Booster, Collagen Peptide - and Eye Wrinkle Corrector.

Stephanie Dickison

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