Cargo Cosmetics - Look Beautiful No Matter What the Lighting

Want to look as good as those edited selfies you posted on IG? All you need are these three products from  Cargo Cosmetics:

- Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Liquid Foundation

If you're looking for a foundation that gives you great coverage without making you look "made up," Cargo_HD Picture Perfect Liquid Foundation is the one.

I prefer my makeup to look as natural as possible, but I also need help in addressing problem areas. This foundation does both.

This oil- and paraben-free makeup has been specifically formulated for high-def filming, so it works on your everything - lines, pores, uneven skintone. Light diffusing pigments soften everything so that your skin suddenly looks phenomenal, yet completely natural. Everything smooths and blends seamlessly.

I love the soft silky feel and I find that because it gives good coverage, I don't need as much (and sometimes any) concealer. Now that's amazing.

Thanks to Cargo, now I am always camera ready.

Oh you are so going to wish these weren't limited edition because once you get a feel for their soft, bouncy, glide-on texture, you're going to be completely addicted.

The super smooth gel formula goes on somewhat sheer, yet still delivers a colourful punch. It feels amazing on - silky and weightless in fact, all the while locking in moisture. 

It's the best of all worlds - lipstick, gloss and balm all piled into one pretty and convenient tube.

Because I eat and drink a lot in my job, my lipstick never lasts more than an hour. It looks great and then whoosh - it's gone in a flash. What a waste and who wants to spend all night applying lipsticks when there are fascinating people nearby to talk to?

The soft creamy pencil goes on like a dream. But don't be fooled by it's softness. It's fierce where it needs to be. It sharpens your lipline like a boss. Talk about definition. And it goes up against everything - coffee cups, wine glasses, scruffy cheeks - and manages to not feather or transfer. And it's waterproof (poolside!).

Now I'm rocking a seriously gorgeous lip all day, every day. Swoon.

Shop Cargo Cosmetics now, also available at Murale in Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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