Moodies - Change the Light, Change the Mood

I don't about you, but I tire quickly of my surroundings. Perhaps it's because I work from home, so I'm around my stuff more than most, but I am constantly looking for inexpensive ways to change things around.

One of the best ways I've discovered is with light. I put on coloured lights most often when I'm throwing a dinner party or having my friends and neighbours over, but occasionally I switch it up just for me at home too.

Moodies are silicone light bulb covers that change the color of any CFL or LED light bulb, so instead of having to move your furniture and pillows around, just slip on a Moodie and suddenly, the room takes on a whole new feel.

Don't worry, they are completely safe - they're made from a super thick, indestructible heat-safe silicone, the same used in oven mitts and those colourful, twisty muffin pans you've switched over to from metal.

Coloured bulbs are expensive ($5-$20!) and take up room, whereas a Moodie package is smaller than a pack of gum and costs less than $3.

Moodies come in a host of colours - Yellow, Lime, Pink, Purple, Dark Green, Orange, Dark Purple, Teal, and the list goes on - so you can customize the colour to your mood or occasion. My favourite is pink as it delivers a soft, warm glow.

Instead of going out and buying new fixtures and fittings, change your setting with a simple flip of a switch. Shop Moodies now.

Stephanie Dickison

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