Morphe MakeUp Brushes - Tools of the Trade For Us Everyday People

The key to good makeup application is all in the brushes.

So while you might think that you can get away with applying your blush or eyelines with that tiny little weird-shaped brush included with your makeup, think again.

By getting yourself a set of Morphe Brushes, you will see what a difference using professional tools make. And that the quality of their brushes translates to a more professional look, all without you having to go to a single minute of beauty school.

 The 11-Piece Pro Sable Set gives you everything you need to apply your makeup like a pro.

Did you know that you should use natural brushes for powder applications and synthetic brushes for creams and liquids? That change and these brushes alone will completely take your look up 12,000 notches.

And because there is a brush for everything you can possibly need, suddenly your foundation looks flawless without that awful tell-tale line along your jaw you've been sporting all of these years. And though I am still clueless as to where to properly apply blush and bronzer (it's these wonky, wide Nordic cheekbones of mine), with these spectacular  angled and contour brushes in hand, already I look a lot more sculpted than I did yesterday. In fact, it actually makes my face (and thus, me) look so much slimmer. All because I changed the brush I use. How awesome is that?!

Powder and liquid liners have always escaped me, but thanks to these expert brushes, the smokey eye is now within reach.

If you are looking to supplement your kit with just a few brushes here and there, you can choose by line or type. Concerned about using animal products? Morphe has got vegan brushes. Do you lust for something uber soft? It doesn't get any softer than sable or badger.

Just think how these will change everything from now on. Didn't think you were a finishing powder girl? Maybe it's because you weren't using the right brush. Just watch the difference it makes by applying your concealer with a brush. Those pale white circles that used to look like patches beneath your peepers? Gone. Getting flawless lip colour is so freakin' easy, thanks to simply switching to using a brush. Yep, you just went from looking like Alan Cumming to Kerry Washington in a flash.

Morphe Brushes change everything. Including how good great you look.

Stephanie Dickison

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