L:A Bruket: Fine Swedish Handmade Soaps & Spa Products

I love all things Scandanavian - their minimalist, streamlined decor, ligonberries (and don't forget cloudberries), reindeer (why only love them at Christmas?), that extremely salty licorice, ahem - Alexander Skarsgård, and that lovely little "o" above the a in his name.

So naturally I fell extremely hard for LA:Bruket. But there is much more to the products than just being from such an inspiring land.

Whether you want something for the body (handmade soaps, scrubs, bath salts and soaks, oils, lotions and butters), mind (scented candles) or spirit (Giving the dishes - or the dog - a good scrub down always relaxes me. That's totally normal, right?), they've got just the thing and it feels/smells so good that you'll abandon anything that doesn't have a name like Dofttljus Juleljus.

Using incredible organic ingredients, certified organic vegetable and essential oils and not going near any artificial stabilizers or colours, the quality is unbelievable. Washing up suddenly becomes a treat, not a chore. 

Take Tvål Liquid Hand and Bodywash, for instance. The burst of aromatherapy every time you wash your hands will have you scrubbing up like a surgeon before every meal. The fresh, intense blend of sage, rosemary and lavender is so refreshing and energizing, you'll be signing up for marathons and making muffins from scratch in batches big enough to serve an entire committee. All that from simply using a hand soap.

I told you this stuff was supreme.

Not many people enjoy doing the dishes, but I promise you that once you try 76 Diskmedel Citrongrås/Rosmarin, you will be searching for more pots and pans to give a wash. Seriously, the intoxicating lemongrass and rosemary scent that wafts over the sink has the same effect of going all the way to that pricey spa that you love so much. As much as you love sitting down to a lovely homemade dinner, you will now be looking forward to the cleaning up afterwards!

And should your hands and feet need a little etc TLC, I recommend a tube of 2 Handcréme Salvia/Rosmarin/Lavenden. Made with shea butter, this emollient sinks in fast and leave no greasy residue at all, so go ahead, apply it and then get on with whatever you were doing. Your skin will be deeply nourished upon application, yet you'll be able to carry on with life without having to wait for your hands or feet to dry. And by now you know that because we're talking about L:A Bruket products, your skin will smell like fresh flower garden.

While you might be fine with your drugstore brand soaps and lotions, I'm going to stick with these awesome Swedes.

Hand cream Sage/Rosemary/Lavender: with Shea butter for dry and chapped hands.

Shea butter protects, fosters and is moisture preserving. The essential oils from sage, rosemary and lavender has a fantastic scent, stimulates, works contractive and are mildly antiseptic.

The ingredients we use in our hand cream are of the highest quality and certified by ECOCERT.

Volume: 100ml.

Stephanie Dickison

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