Dotz - Organize Your Cables With Ease. I Swear.

My home office is overrun with technology and cables. I try and keep things organized, but it is hard when you've got everything plugged into one area. Cords get jumbled in a millasecond and if you have to add something new? Yeah, good luck trying to figure that mess out.

Because when you need to get the right cord for the right device, you don't want to be scrounging around on the floor, yanking on plugs, trying to figure out which is which. You've spent years doing that.

Dotz thankfully came to the rescue. It is the best system I've found so far for keeping everything neat, organized and this is the important part - simple.

Never before have cord management systems been so intuitive and easy to use. If you had to get your Grandpa to go and get the right cord for you, he could because everything is now so clearly marked, thanks to Dotz stunning clear-cut colour and symbol identifiers. Take a look at some of my favourites:

- Reusable Cord Straps use both colour and symbols to keep track of your cords. These are fabulous for when you're traveling or you're working in a space with multiple computer users. The ease of which you'll be able to grab your usb cord versus your micro usb will blow your mind. 

If you want to simplify it even further, Hook & Loop Reusable Cord Straps rely only on colour to organize and bundle everything.

- Everything from your tools to each of your family member's phones and devices (pictured above) can now be identified in an instant thanks to Dotz amazing identifiers.

- Is that kerjamble of cords underneath your desk driving you crazy? Do you accidentally unplug things every time you cross your legs or move your feet down there? SpiralTube keeps everything tightly wound and in military formation, so your cords and cables will finally be corralled into one neat line that protects them, no matter how much footsie goes on below your desk.

- And because life is better when everything's tucked away, you'll be wanting various catchers and wraps to keep things organized:

- You will never have to spend 10 minutes digging through the bottom of your purse and untangling your earbuds for the millionth time, with EarBud Wrap at your side.

- Untangling cords isn't necessary anymore now that you've got Mini Cord Wrap (wraps up to 5 ft) and Cord Wrap (wraps up to 8 ft). You've just gained about 17 hours back into your life, thanks to these l'il wonders.

- Cord Catcher allows you to keep all of your devices and their corresponding cables and cords within reach, so go ahead and continue to multi-task - type up that report for work while charging your phone and listening to your iPod. For once in your life, everything is finally where it needs to be.

Dotz, you completely rock my world. And my home. And my office. I am never going to be without you. 

See what I mean and shop Dotz now.

Stephanie Dickison

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