Ciak Journals, Planners & Notebooks - So Gorgeous, You'll Suddenly Become a Paper Person

My love affair with Ciak continues, thanks to their innovative products and fine quality materials that will have you tossing those gross, boring, cheap everyday office supplies out the window like confetti.

With every size, colour and format available, even picky paper folks like myself, always find the perfect solution for their needs.

The Ciak Duo is a brilliant mashup of agenda and notebook in one, saving you the trouble of having to carry two books! I love the succinct layout of the calendar, allowing you enough room to write down your appointments and deadlines, but taking up little room in your already crammed bag. And having a place to jot notes in the same place as your calendar is brilliant, making you instantly more efficient and organized. And of course, having the built-in elastic band means that no matter how jumbled everything gets, your pages always remain crisp and neat.

Should you want to go old school and do a separate journal and notebook, then I recommend the divine little compact  9 x 13 Ciak Daily School Diary and the so-gorgeous-you'll-wish-it-came-with-matching-shoes  Ciak Pitti  12 x 17 Lined Notebook.

The adorable 9 x 13 Ciak Daily School Diary offers a fantastic, clean layout with a surprisingly large amount of room to record your thoughts and ideas in a space small enough to keep in your clutch. And the cover of the Ciak Pitti  12 x 17 Lined Notebook is supple enough that it feels like rich leather, but strong enough that it's both water-resistant and crushproof, so go ahead and take it with you to Baja or the cafe - it can withstand the trip. With wide lines on such rich paper and a soft cover so sumptuous, you'll find yourself wanting to write more than you ever have. This is the kind of notebook that changes everything...

And perfect for writing lists on the go, the Mood Fashion 9 x 16 Lined Pocket Notebook (pictured above), handmade in Italy no less , attends to all your needs and wants:

- Fancy an all-in-one-system that includes writing pad and pen? Check.
- Hanker for pages that easily tear out? Done.
- Desire a luxe cover that's light? Ooh, this soft regenerated leather one is purrfect.
- Yearn for a place to stash all of your cards and receipts outside of your wallet, which you swore to yourself you'd keep lean and sparse this year? Absolutely.

The Mood Fashion 9 x 16 Lined Pocket Notebook is the best kind of modern day organizer - a sturdy, refillable cover holds all your notes, bits and bobs, with cool metal ring binding and swanky patented metal sewing along the spine and even goes to the trouble of holding your pen for you until you need it. It's light and space-saving, but big enough to hold all of your plans, dreams and to-dos. 


Stephanie Dickison

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