Zevia All-Natural Zero Calorie Soda - Three New Delicious Flavours

I first fell for Zevia back in 2010.

Now Zevia is back with three terrific new flavours - Cherry Cola, Dr. Zevia and Caffeine Free Cola.
For awhile I was lost - I was drinking a diet soda a day. You know the kind. The kind that kills rats and cuts through pennies. But now I am found again, thanks to these new all-natural, zero- calorie flavours. I can get the satisfaction of sweet cherries with  Cherry Cola and that complex, yet alluring combination of caramel/juniper/molasses/pepper notes with Dr. Zevia, without having to resort to that awful chemical stuff.

And because I am careful not to have caffeine past 6 pm, but sometimes still want a little pick-me-up, I am thrilled to discover Caffeine Free Cola.
Just like the original Zevia lineup, these are sweetened with stevia, not sugar, artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. They contain all-natural ingredients and are certified vegan, kosher and gluten-free. I like that they have a hint of flavour, without being heavy and overpowering. The carbonation is perfect too - it's more fizzy than bubbly, meaning you can forget about that soda bloat you've been lugging around with you.
Zevia is a great beverage option for breaking out of the plain water doldrums or for saving your calories for something better than juice (a glass of wine, an extra helping of dinner, to name just a few).

Shop Zevia now and drink smarter.

Stephanie Dickison

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