Whooz? - The Cutest Vinyl Labels for iDevice Chargers

A friend of mine is always asking her partner where her iPhone cord is. Somehow it goes mysteriously missing every once in awhile, leaving my friend to watch the battery bars lessen until she can't receive anymore calls, listen to her music or upload pics to Instagram.

I tried to fix it by buying her an extra cord. Then that went missing. Then she bought an extra two cords. They were nowhere to be found and I couldn't talk to my friend because her battery had died. Again.

So I went in search of another kind of solution. One that would stick.

Whooz? are adorable vinyl labels for your adapters and cords. These allow you to personalize your own items, while making them easy to distinguish from other folks' belongings in the house, but in a fun way. The cutest way.

Available for iPhones & iPods, iPads and International Plugs, you can choose from an array of options:

- Perhaps the most sedate of the collection, the Colour Set allows you to designate each family member with a colour. The only problem is, do you remember what colour you were?

- The UK Set is damn funny and finally means that all those hours watching Downton Abbey and Broadchurch weren't wasted. Go ahead and try out your accents while you're gearing up.

- The personalities contained within the Character Set will no doubt remind of someone you know. Maybe even of someone who keeps snatching your connectors and chargers...

- I adore the Domesticated Set. Who better to guard your earbuds than one of these critters?

Each kit contains identifying labels for your adapter/charger, earbuds and cables, so there's no disputing whose is whose now.

I'm sending my friend a kit right now in hopes that she'll be able to power up her phone enough so we can catch up.

End what you've known up until now as cablemania - Shop Whooz? now.

Stephanie Dickison

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