Spéciale Découverte By Dr. Jules - 100% All-Natural Organic Skin & Hair Care That Changes Everything

Having lived with dry, dull skin and hair most of my life, I thought it was something I'd have to contend with for the rest of my days.

Then I found Spéciale Découverte By Dr. Jules and everything changed.

First, my hair:

- My tresses and scalp are sahara dry, thanks to decades of blow drying and bleaching my locks. But after just one dose of a weekly treatment of Avocado Scalp & Hair Treatment and Coconut Hair & Scalp Treatment (massage into hair from root to tip, wrap in a towel, and watch the magic happen), my whole head is restored - soft, smooth and completely hydrated.

Containing only  all-natural certified organic ingredients, you couldn't ask for a more gentle, yet effective treatment. Nourishing your locks with rosemary extract, vitamin E and avocado or coconut, sweet almond, ylang ylang, rosemary  and lavender oils feels not only luxurious, but right. No synthetic ingredients, nothing you can't pronounce. Just good ol' nature working it's hardest to improve your mane.

- For daily maintenance, I am completely smitten with Tea Tree & Lemon Clarifying Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner. Normally, I don't like the intensely overpowering, medicinal smell of tea tree oil. But in these formulations, the scent is invigorating, pine-y and lemon-y fresh.

Using all natural, certified organic plant based ingredients and pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, your hair and scalp get pampered like it's getting a Swedish massage in the hotel's penthouse suite.

Saturated with Vitamin E and a complete Vitamin B complex, Hawaiian Awapuhi extract and a melange of tea tree, eucalyptus, lemon tea tree and lavender essential oils, your hair and scalp have no choice but to be happy and healthy.

Second, my skin:

Unless I'm using a lot of shimmery powders, my skin looks pretty dull. But after just a few weeks of using Baby Face Facial Serum & Skin Lightener, even without a stitch of makeup, I look as bright and youthful as I did back when I was, uh, youthful!

I have had dark sun spots near my eyes thanks to my glasses working as a magnifying glass under the hot sun rays, and now? Gone. 

That radiant glow that you only ever witness in pictures of stars on the red carpet? I've got it.  That look that implies you've either been away on vacation to a remote island somewhere or else you're getting the best sleep of your life? That's me!

And it's all due to this wonder product that uses the amazing power of organic lemon peel, licorice root and pomegrante extracts, to slough away the old you and reveal to the world, the new and improved you.

It's no wonder I am a complete devotee to Spéciale Découverte By Dr. Jules now - I've got the fabulous hair and skin to prove it.

Shop Spéciale Découverte By Dr. Jules now.

Stephanie Dickison

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