Rimmel London ScandalEyes - The Eyes Have It

Rimmel London is one of the best makeup companies. Here's why:

- They make quality products that last and last 
- Insanely affordable, you can stock up on your faves, try new things, get one of every colour
- Kate Moss is their spokesperson. And if Kate loves it, you know it's damn good stuff

Focusing on the eyes, ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal is an eyeliner you will quickly not be able to live without. It goes on super creamy and smooth without ever tugging or pulling, allowing you to get a straight line every time. It not only has a deep colour, but a wonderful shimmer, so your peeps have this sparkle and shine to them without having to resort to full on glitter.

And because it was made for modern women like you and I, it lives up to your lifestyle. So go ahead and run and sweat and cry and sit under the searing sun  - it will not budge.

Available in 10 colours, I advise you to get 'em all.

ScandalEyes Mascara leaves no lash behind - you swipe and suddenly, you've got twice as many lashes, thanks to the new super sized MaxDensity brush.

Using 3X collagen and keratin, each lash is coated without a clump or lump, and extended as if you're wearing false lashes. Longer, thicker lashes are instantly achieved, without having to apply numerous layers.

And because this formula is waterproof, you can do everything: from surf and swim to indulge in a marathon of sad Ryan Gosling movies (start with The Notebook, end with Blue Valentine).

Stephanie Dickison

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