OPI’s Avojuice Lotions & Neon Revolution Minis - Nailing It This Summer

In order to get ready for summer, you need to do two things:

1. Ensure you've got soft, smooth hands - you never know who you're going to meet
2. Drop those dull nail shades and get noticed with super hot, on trend neon tips!

Lucky for us, OPI brings both to the yard, so you don't have to choose!

OPI Limited Edition Neon Revolution Minis add a bold statement to your already slammin' look.
And don't worry about being a nail pro - this kit gives you everything you need to get an expert finish:

1. Simply apply the white base (This allows your brights to really pop). 
2. Apply two coats of the neon of your choice.
3. Brush on glossy, shiny top coat.
The shades to select from are stunning:
Don't Say It - Yellow It! - A sunshine-y yellow that adds joie-de-vivre to every outfit.
The Time is Pow! - You might not have thought you could rock orange. Until now.
Pink Outside the Box - This hot pink is super empowering. A fierce, non-girly pink for those still on the fence.
Blue It Out of Proportion - I love the zest and zing of this electric blue!

While the rest of the world continues to wear regular ol' polish, stand out from the crowd with OPI Limited Edition Neon Revolution Minis.
And because you also want to have smooth and silky hands, get yourself OPI’s captivating Avojuice Hand & Body Lotions.

The bonus of these lotions isn't just that your hands will be as soft as puppy's ears, but the exotic floral scents are so intoxicating, you might just want to slather yourself head-to-toe with them and skin your old fashioned perfumes.

The two latest additions are completely enthralling - Peony & Poppy smells of a warm summer's day and Violet Orchid has an effervescent fragrance that reminds me of Sweetart candies.

Your hands will feel so hydrated, nourished and pampered that you might just feel bold enough to grab their hand. You know, the person you've been crushing on all this time?

Go for it. You are totally ready. 
And looking fab, thanks to OPI.

Stephanie Dickison

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