MaxFlow Sports Cross-Grip Hairbands - Hair Stays Put. Really.

Whether you're killin' it at Soul Cycle, prepping for dinner service on the line,  scouring the grime from the bathtub, or dancing like Kate Upton, you want only one thing - your damn hair outta your face.

The best way I know how is MaxFlow Sports Cross-Grip Hairbands.

I know they are meant for marathon runners, soccer players and other pro sports folks, but I think they are just as suitable for us non athletes. After all, we have just as demanding schedules and vigorous days filled with running, sweating, panting...

I stopped wearing hairbands years ago because I was fed up with all of the adjusting and finickiness of them. So I learned to live with the annoyance of hair in my eyes. And even though I'm rocking a Michelle Williams haircut, I've still got long bangs to contend with. So all this time, I've worked my way through daily tasks, all the while with hair in my eyes.

No more thanks to the fantastic Cross-Grip Hairbands.

The stretchy fabric fits snugly against your hair, but never headache-inducingly tight, and the inside has a silicone-type material that keeps your band right where you left it, never moving an inch. There's also no tugging or snagging, so all those hairs on your head are yours to keep.

Select from Black, Neon Green, Pink and my favourite, Houndstooth - it works with dress clothes too.

Get your hair outta your eyes forever and  shop MaxFlow Sports Cross-Grip Hairbands now.


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