Cuccio Naturalé NEW Manicure & Pedicure Collection - Luxurious Spa Treatments in the Comfort of Home

As money tightens, little splurges like going out to dinner twice a week and getting your nails done, go out the window. 

But all hope is not lost, thanks to Cuccio Naturalé NEW Manicure & Pedicure Collection. These professional products allow you to achieve the same salon results without living the comfort of home. And without doling out the big bucks. So it's win-win.

If your cuticles take a beating like mine (between the cooking, cleaning and constant washing, they are completely ravaged), you'll be thrilled to learn that you don't have to live like that anymore. Cuccio Naturalé Manicure Cuticle Conditioning Oil works in a flash on those tough bits that nag and gnaw at you and get caught on everything, including your clothes (there goes another pair of nylons ruined...). 

Using only natural ingredients to soften and treat your cuticles (sunflower seed, wheat germ, sweet almond, olive, tea tree, vegetable & apricot kernel oils, along with kelp extract, shea butter and vitamin E), your nails feel quench and nourished. And the fragrance is delightful - fresh-sweetgrass-after-the-rain kinda clean. And what's most impressive is that it not only works quickly, but the conditioning lasts long after application.

I use Manicure Cuticle Softener just before applying nail lacquer and am always gobsmacked by how effective and instantaneous it is - it gives you clean lines to work within, so you always get a professional finish. This is by far one of the best I've ever used. And it comes in a large bottle, so it will last you for what feels like forever (it will definitely get you all the way through every season of Damages. And then some).

Pedicures are always a little tricky for me because I have such tough feet and wonky toes, so I tend to shy away from them. But Cuccio Naturalé Professional Pedicure Starter Kit (pictured above) swept me off my feet with its intensely comprehensive components:

- Ooh, the fresh, light frangrance and immediate hydration of Extended Massage Lotion with Shea Butter & Tuscan Grapeseed is beyond. You might never leave the house again.

- You should see the colour of the water after you add the Detoxifying Salt Soak with Sea Kelp & Tea Tree - its like the Cayman Islands! And the scent is take-you-away refreshing! But of course what it is meant to do, it does - vacuuming away all of your stress and toxins - all the while with verve and ador. Ahhh.

- Sloughing away all of that dry, dead skin isn't hard work like you're used it. The sugarcane and bamboo in the Micro Exfoliation Scrub do all the heavy lifting while you get to sit back, relax and enjoy smooth feet like you've never experienced before.

- There's no heel too hard for the Hydrating Heel Treatment with Argan Oil & Ure to cure. My apparent fortress of heel was penetrated and all that was left behind was smooth, supple, baby-soft skin. I think there's going to be some playing of footsies tonight...

- And just to make polishing your toes that much easier and like a pro in a salon would do them, you also get one pair of toe separators and a pair of pedicure slippers. You're going to be searching for the barest sandals you've got now.

And just to make sure that you're really getting the full spa effect, sink into a Detox Soak. This is how the pros do it in salons and now you can bring home that luxury.

You simply fill a bucket with warm water, add the magnesium sulfate crystals the bath and then add the large tablet. Slip your feet into the water and feel the purification begin. The toxins your body has been holding onto will just glide out of you!
Finish with the Somatology Massage Serum, a rich blend of vitamins C&E and pomegranate seed and argan oils, and watch a whole new you unfold!

Suddenly the salon isn't such a necessity anymore.

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Extended Massage lotion with Shea Butter & Tuscan Grapeseed 2 fl. oz. (56g)
Extends massage time with a nourishing, hydrating finish.

•Detoxifying Salt Soak with Sea Kelp & Tea Tree 1.6oz. (45g)
 Helps to de-stress, soothe and revitalize.
•Micro Exfoliation Scrub with Sugarcane & Bamboo 2 oz. (56g)
 Gently exfoliates for soft smooth skin.
•Hydrating Heel Treatment with Argan Oil & Urea 2 oz. (56g)
 Intense hydration for extremely dry skin.
•One pair Sage Pedicure Slippers
•One pair Sage Toe Separators - See more at:
Manicure Cuticle Revitalizing Oil
Sea Kelp & Tea Tree
- See more at:

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