Trudeau's Fresh New Kitchen Products - Must-Haves That Will Change Everything!

Look around your kitchen. Has it got a bit boring? Do you need to inject a little life and a lot of colour into it?

There's no better way than the amazing new products from Trudeau, one of my all-time favourite places for all things cooking.

Just in time for the fresh produce coming this spring and summer, you can add a boost of colour and efficiency to your kitchen, with just a few fab pieces here and there. Check 'em out:

1. Set of three Santoku Knives

You'll be able to apply for the next reality cooking show now that you've got your Classic Santoku (lime green), mini Santoku (raspberry red) and utility pairing knife (ocean blue) in hand.  It's such a treat to use a colourful knife for once, but don't let the fun look fool you - these are completely pro. Made of  high carbon stainless steel, they are hard-working, and thanks to a resin coating that keeps food from sticking, you don't have to be anymore.  

And as always, Trudeau has thought of everything - each knife comes with its own protective sheath, so even though you've got yourself a set of beautiful new knives, you don't have to rush out to get a  bigger knife organizer tray.

2. Chop N Clear Cutting Board

Now that you've got all these great knives, you should have a fabulous cutting board to go with 'em. This amazing space-saving board means that even if you've got the teensiest countertop, you can prep meals like you're a CIA grad. See, it's got 2 drawers so that you can transfer your sliced/diced/julienned ingredients to the stove or plate with ease (or do as I do and use one for all the scraps that will go to compost), and deep canals keep all liquids off your counter and in the drawers, so clean up is a breeze. The anti-skid base means that you can chop to your heart's content and not worry about it moving around and the drawers lock for when you want to stow it away. 

This whole work station in one sleek unit  makes it easy to clean up as you go - a trait I'm sure you know is important whether you're a home chef or a famous restaurant one.

I've always has utilitarian colanders, so this is the first time I've had truly pretty ones. They are so pretty in fact, that when they arrived, I left them on the counter for a full week because I couldn't bare to put them away. And also, the cupboards are pretty crowded already, but luckily these beauties stack, so there's more than enough room for all three. Not only is it nice to have a range of colours (green, blue and violet) but sizes (1 qt, 2.5 qt and 3.75 qt), so I can use the best size for whatever I'm doing - small for when I'm rinsing a can of lentils, medium for when I'm making Caesar salad to the large when I'm making my famous paella for my friends.

I absolutely love the way they feel. Made of bamboo and melamine, they are extremely light. Made of bamboo and melamine, they are extremely light, unlike my other ones. Which I've since donated. All of them. Because I really do love these ones so much more.

These are perhaps the greatest inventions of all time. Now you might think I'm exaggerating, and perhaps I am, but not as much as you might think.

Having bottles that don't drip is like having pantyhose that doesn't run - it seems impossible. So when I tried these Canadian-designed, borosilicate glass bottles and they kept to their promise of being 100% dripless, I felt like I'd won the lottery. No more having to clean the counter when I set them down, no more having to scour the cupboard where I keep them.  It seems like the teeniest little thing, but oh my, what a difference it truly makes.

These are just a few examples from Trudeau that I truly love. Also making your life easier are products such as the Toss & Chop and Herb and Garden Snips. I'm telling you, you can transform not only the way you eat, but your entire kitchen!

Shop now and shop Canadian with the amazingly talented Trudeau.

Stephanie Dickison

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