The Original Kitchen iPad Rack - Your Best Cooking Assistant

Have you ever tried to cook from a recipe in a cookbook and had to hold it open with various bowls and kitchen utensils? It's so frustrating!

But no one seems to cook from cookbooks anymore. Instead, we go online and track the recipe we want. It's so much easier - and there's no flipping pages or straining to keep the book open. But it's not perfect. First of all, there's trying to stand your tablet up and keep it outta the way of splattering tomato sauce/frying garlic/duck fat or whatever you've got on the stove. And secondly, it takes up valuable counter space that unless you live in a large home, you're probably stuck with New York type square footage (read: small enough for a bread plate but not big enough for a dinner plate).

That's why you've got to get yourself The Original Kitchen iPad Rack.

It allows you to bring your iPad (or other kind of tablet) into the kitchen without getting in the way.

Unlike other stands, the thick, extremely sturdy acrylic material  allows it to fade into the background, never getting in the way of your decor and colour scheme. Which for me, is an incredibly important factor. Why should you forgo your lovely kitchen design just to be able to cook from a recipe now and again?

The other feature that is simply brilliant is that it comes in two parts:

1.  the bracket that you screw into the bottom of your cupboard
2.  the holder that slips into the bracket allows you lots of room to view your page either horizontally or vertically and keeps it at a great eye level so that you can quickly glance at your recipe, while still keep an eye on the pots and pans gently boiling away.

This also means that you can remove the holder and put it away, leaving your kitchen free and clear of clutter. It pops right back in when you need it in just a second, so it's not so bothersome that you'll never use it like those other ones stashed in the back of the cabinet...
And hey, if you're only an occasional cook, use it to watch Netflix while you're heating up a can of soup.

The Original Kitchen iPad Rack is the best accessory your kitchen can have. 

Stephanie Dickison

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