Secret's NEW Spring 2013 Hoisery Collections - Lighten Up

Okay girls, it's time to climb outta your black tights and into spring leg gear, all courtesy of Secret's NEW Spring 2013 Hoisery Collections. Check it out:

- The new Light Capris

Available in Vanilla, Sahara and Sweet Lilac, these slightly sheer, pearlesque tights give you the freedom to show off a little leg without giving away too much. Theses playful accessories work with long tops, short skirts and dresses, so go ahead and give your gams the spotlight - they deserve it!

These sweet l'il nylons (pictured above) make whatever your wearing look that much better. Cute little bows interspersed with polka dots give  your outfit a little edge and a little glam all at once. Forget the snazzy clutch and dazzling drop earrings - these stockings are all you need to stand out and get noticed!

Stephanie Dickison

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