Marula Oil The Leakey Collection - Why You Look All Aglow

I have been writing about beauty and wellness for decades and am completely fascinated by the development of various oils over the years - the rise of almond, then grapeseed and then argan goes from very elite to completely mainstream in a very short amount of time.

Expect the same for one of the best of the bunch - marula oil.

Of course I first heard about it through fashion magazines - celebs slathering themselves in it, looking like they've had a complete facial, or facelift.

Marula Oil The Leakey Collection sold at Red Pear Apothecary is one of those products that you really have to try because you might just not believe it otherwise. 

It does everything - moisturizes, anti-ages, heals. I think it might also make the bed and do laundry too. It may as well, as it's so multi-tasking.

The reason marula oil is so superior to many others is that it absorbs into the skin better than others. And here's the kicker - it does it all without being the slightest bit greasy.

The texture is so magnificent - silky, soft, and again, not slippery or slick at all.

And the fact that you see results right away - Where did my fine lines go? And say goodbye to any ruddiness that your skin has been holding onto. Your skin will be soft, supple and seemingly lit from within. Just watch how your makeup goes on, how little you now need, how healthy and supremely beautiful your skin is now.
Treat your skin well. Treat it right with Marula Oil The Leakey Collection from Red Pear Apothecary.

Stephanie Dickison

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