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If you don't already know my immense love and devotion to Canada's own Marcelle Makeup & Skincare, familiarize yourself: 

Even though I know how superb their products are, Marcelle always exceeds my expectations. See the items that are currently rocking my world:

I usually don't wear eye shadow because despite claims that it doesn't crease, it almost always does. Not Marcelle - they are true to their word. This crease-free creamy, velvety formula goes on like a dream. And it's duo-action, as you can not only wear it on its own, but it acts as a primer for other shadows - so go ahead and dance well into the night: your shadow's staying put for at least 12 hours! Also waterproof, you can wear it rain or shine. And chock full of antioxidants, you'll never have that dry-around-the-eye feeling.

The look and feel is incredibly luxurious, though way less expensive than those designer brands that cost as much as dinner for two takeaway.

And the bonus for those of you with super sensitive peeps - this formula is tested by ophthalmologists and is hypo-allergenic, paraben and perfume free.

It comes in 4 hypnotic shades - Velvety Beige, Smooth Moka, Silver Sky and Mauve Obsession.

You can toss out that one mascara that you're using for daytime at the office,  and that other one, the more dramatic one for nights on the town and drinks with friends. This truly is an all-in-one mascara

The fascinating polymer brush allows you to control the length, depth and volume with a simple twist of the wrist. The fine comb on the wand has two positions - first for definition, and second for added oomph. It's the best of both worlds in one tube. And forget about lumps and clumps - the delivery system is so smooth, so easy. You'll wonder where this has been all of your life. 

And wisely, it comes in just black. Because classic is best. 

Psst - it's also hypo-allergenic and perfume free.

The first thing you need to know is that this cream (pictured above) actually contains pure 24K gold. Seriously. That is reason enough to get it.

But there's more, so much more to it than that. Firstly, it cools and soothes while deeply moisturizing and hydrating. You can feel the difference right away. But that's not all - the bags under your eyes, those dark circles that up until now have seemed like permanent bruises, those pesky wrinkles that give away how stressed you've been and how little sleep you've been living on? It all disappears in an instant - Poof!

Suddenly, your skin is soft and smooth and for once, your eyes are not only pampered, but illuminated. You look younger, rested, better. 

And all thanks to this lovely little pot o' gold.

- BB Cleanser

Almost every woman I know hates to wash her face at night. Most of my friends and colleagues shuffle off to bed with a fully made up face. I, however, always remove my makeup before bed. A-L-W-A-Y-S.

But never before have I used one that you don't need to rinse off. Which led me to think how much my girlfriends would looooove it. I mean, you don't even have to get outta bed to use it - simply apply and then wipe off with cotton. Done. Finito.

But here's the part that I love - not only do you not need water, it has all the same powerful benefits that you've come to love in your BB cream. So although your makeup will now be gone, your skin is still reaping the rewards of this miraculous cream.

As you sleep (and dream of living with Ryan Gosling/Josh Duhamel/Idris Alba, or is that just me?), your skin is inundated with powerful ingredients that does everything from purifying your skin to cleaning your pores. So basically, it's a makeup remover and miracle cream all in one.

Because here's the thing - as soon as I switched from my old cleanser to this one, my skin completely changed - it got smoother, more even, softer and way plumper. From the first time I used it. Overnight. The next morning I woke up to waaaay better skin. 

Marcelle BB Cleanser is one of the most revolutionary, time-saving, kick-ass products I've ever used.

There are so many reasons to love Marcelle. These are just a few. 
Shop Marcelle Makeup and Skincare now.

Stephanie Dickison

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