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As much as I love the floral scents of women's skincare products, sometimes I crave a cologne that reeks of fir and wood and leather and sweat. 

Triumph & Disaster's Shearer's Soap is as manly as it gets and while my fella enjoyed this soap from New Zealand, I was the one reaping the rewards as I couldn't get enough of his manly scent. So while his skin was exfoliated by poppy seeds and softened by glycerin, I was deeply inhaling the exotic scent that smells of books, an old leather coat and being out on the deck at the cottage on a cold morning. It's completely exhilarating and such a fantastic change from my usual orchid, bergamot-scented perfumes. 

Which is why it could often be found on my shelf in the shower instead of his.

And then I went and took his Gameface Moisturizer (pictured above) too.  

What a bitch.

I couldn't help myself. Though it's made for a man's rough mug, I love how it absorbed straight away and then left my skin feeling soothed, soft and fresh. That's due to all the fabulous natural ingredients used such as jojoba extract, horopito oil, ponga fern and vitamin E. Hmm, you don't see that oil and fern in girl's products, do you? I think T&D are really onto something here. Of course scent came into it again. The completely exhilarating scent, very similar to the soap but much softer, stayed with me the whole day, seemingly bringing the outdoors in and making me feel a little more alive than usual.

So if my man's skin isn't as soft as usual, it's my fault. I went and stole his moisturizer. But when it's Triumph & Disaster, what's a girl to do?

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Stephanie Dickison

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