Nicole By OPI Selena Gomez Collection - Fun, Pretty Pinks & Plums

Over the years I have realized that whether or not you like a celebrity has really nothing to do with if you'll like their products. Just the other day, a friend walked in and I told her how much I loved her perfume. She whispered that she was wearing Lady Gaga - gasp. I used to rock a Britney perfume and the amount of compliments I got far outweighs many of today's scent heavy-hitters.

So when I got the opportunity to try Nicole by OPI - the Selena Gomez Collection, I knew that I didn't have to know all of her songs or movies - I just had to like pinks and plums.

Which I absolutely do - especially the range that this particular collection has - everything from soft lavender to a lovely, creamy yellow to Selena, a wonderful peachy pink that is incredibly flattering and isn't at all bubblegummy.

Even the sparkle and glitter section is rapturous - Heavenly Angel is like snowflakes in a bottle and Sweet Dreams is a stunning mix of aqua, cool grey and indigo that you'll want someone to make you a dress out of. 

Obviously, Ms. Selena is hugely talented and beautiful. But she is also a savvy business woman, as she has not only captured her young audience - she captured me along the way.

Next time you see me and my nails are smokin' - it's thanks to Nicole by OPI - the Selena Gomez Collection.

Stephanie Dickison

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