Magnebutton - A Pretty Clasp for All Seasons, All Clothing

Recently I have found some fabulous tops, sweaters and dresses, but there is the problem of uh, too much boob.

You know the ones - where the front just kind of sits funny and tends to show off a little more than you're comfortable with? I want to wear them, but I don't want to go and get everything altered. Who has that kind of time and money?

That's why I am grateful for Magnebutton. These double-sided decorative magnets keep everything locked and loaded, so that you always look and feel professional. And they are mighty strong, so you don't ever have to fuss with them - just click them on and you won't have to touch them until you want to remove them.

Now of course you don't have to use them only for preventing showing off too much d├ęcolletage. I also use my Magnebutton for cardigans that don't have buttons, keeping my scarves from unfurling they are wont to do, and other items of clothing that need parts to be clipped together.

There are a lot of different styles to choose from - coloured crystals, stones, pearls, 3D resin, dazzling rhinestones, image crystal and perhaps the most timeless of them all, the antique metal collection.

Black & White Flower Prints is rather striking and I love the quiet elegance of Antique Bird Prints. If you love a retro feel, Vintage Blue Domes (pictured above) deliver a real Mad Men vibe (can't you just see them on Joan?), as do Flat Pink Roses (Betty would totally rock these too). If you're looking for something a little more effervescent, perhaps the Keep Calm Prints are just what you need.

So stop using safety pins for when you want something a little more tucked or pinned and get yourself the Magnebutton. Or three.

It's a simple, pretty solution that you've been looking for all along.

Stephanie Dickison

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