Eleven Eleven - Passport Holders You Can't Wait to Show Off

I believe that your passport holder says as much about you as your wallet or bedside table does. It's an extension of you, an expression of your style, and perhaps even, your beliefs.

While filling out my form to renew my passport, I thought about my holder, an old one from my youth that no longer was in keeping with the older, more sophisticated, yet still full of joie-de-vivre person I'd become. So I went in search for something unique and found the immensely wonderful collections of  Eleven Eleven.

Based out of LA, this fun company has the most amazing selection to choose from, from the utterly stylish to the completely fresh and sometimes saucy designs. 

For those who love to fly, Eleven Eleven offers an array of covers that feature maps - Airlines Route Map,  the beautiful and might I say, essential Map of Paris, and the wonderfully nostalgic Blue Bird Map. You can also indulge in your other interests, say pie, animals and a couple of my favourites, the ocean and twinkling stars

You'll be tickled by the Vintage Collection, which boasts wolfs with lasers coming outta their eyes and an assortment of wild mushrooms.

The International Money Currency Travel Passport Holder gives you a global feel with the collage of different currencies, all before you've even left the house for the airport. 

And because you might want a little nostalgia along for the ride, this passport holder for women (pictured above), makes you feel like a winner whether your numbers have been called or not.

These affordable and sturdy cases make traveling a little more fun and should you order a drink on the flight and spill it, your documents are still safe and sound.

Happy Travels!

Stephanie Dickison

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