Daycraft's Handypick Notebook Set - Keeps You Organized on the Go

I have written about Daycraft's diaries, stationery and organizational tools for years because I believe they are one of the best companies out there. I love their simple, yet innovative styles that help keep me on track.

I am currently addicted to the the Handypick Collection, a cool collab between Daycraft and DAIGO, a well-known stationery brand and manufacturer in Japan.

Like a modern filofax, the Handypick Holder is the centre of the system, gathering all other parts within its beautiful, soft Italian PU cover that feels like soft buttery leather. It's cross-stitched, so it's sturdy enough to hold up to all the times you're going to cram it into your pocket and toss it into your bag and has 2 pockets, one for cards and one for your booklet. There are two sizes to choose from - the small is a lovely size for being portable and travel, while the large gives you a little more room to jot down ideas. And the colours available? Go ahead and match it with every outfit in your wardrobe because you can.

Then fill it with a grid notebook, sketchbook, weekly planner, card holder, fastener pocket and/or a monthly planner. See, that's the brilliance of this system - you get to customize to your own needs and likes.

And be sure to get yourself these Handypick Bookmarks too. They are completely addictive and can be used not only with this system but with everything from your work papers to your bedside reading.

There are many reasons to love Daycraft. These are just a few more.

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Stephanie Dickison

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