Burt's Bees Lips - Lip Care Without Chemicals

Changing your makeup over to all-natural products can seem like a lot of work, but Burt's Bees makes it easy. Especially when it comes to lip care.

These new lip products give you the colour and conditioning you want without all the harmful ingredients.

Because I'm always battling dry lips, I am thrilled by the creamy, moist texture (thank you, shea butter) of the Tinted Balms with the added of having a little smidge of colour. And the softness it delivers doesn't dissipate like many others - it sticks around long enough until your next kiss. I tried the Sweet Violet shade and love the subtle hue - it's nowhere near as intense as it looks in the tube. Just enough to make you look kind of bee-stung. In other words, perfect.

If you like something a little more glam, Lip Shine is a great way to get a slick look without it feeling that way. It's not gloopy or sticky like those makeup counter versions, yet still adds luscious colour and shine. My lips still get lots of nourishment thanks to natural ingredients such as apricot wax and sunflower seed oil. And Pucker is a beautiful shade that's never too much or too little.

Should you be more of a Lip Gloss gal, something tells me you'll fall for these. Ruby Moon is stunning enough for special occasions, yet appropriate for everyday wear. It's got a deep colour that lasts and lasts, so go ahead and have another bite to eat or glass of champagne - your lips will remain looking fabulous, naturally!

Stephanie Dickison

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