MOR - Decadent Bath & Body Products That You Can Afford

When you go on vacation, don't you get excited by the hotel's bath and body products? Isn't it an added luxury that puts a little spring in your step?

Now you can have that feeling all the time, thanks to MOR's incredible bath and body products.

Some companies do scents in a way that always feels decadent, and MOR is definitely one of them. Their rich fragrances are so evocative, I've often caught myself smiling away after using one of their items.

I am head over heels for MOR Honey Nectar Body Butter. The scent is so subtle, but the notes of honey, vanilla and almonds waft gently around you, never too sweet or cloying. This most feminine scent is one I'd happily ensconce myself in for the rest of my days. 

And this is no ordinary body butter either. The light whipped creme texture is a dream to put on (like slipping under satin sheets). It sinks into your skin right away and with  ingredients like vitamins A & C, allantoin, glycerin, olive and grapeseed oils and shea butter, your skin stays soft, smooth and moisturized all day.  

It's one of the best and most effective body products I've ever used. In fact, a co-worker grazed my arm walking past the other day and she stopped, shocked at how supple it was. The credit goes to my wonderful, miraculous, completely indulgent-feeling, yet inexpensive MOR Honey Nectar Body Butter.

To keep your skin that soft, I recommend the NEW MOR Black Currant Iris Salt & Sugar Body Scrub. It's the best way to slough off the last bits of winter and renew your skin for the upcoming capri and tee weather. The gentle exfoliation nourishes your skin with vitamins A, C & E, avocado and jojoba oils  and glycerin so your dermis is tenderly cared for, in addition to being rejuvenated. And of course the scent is divine - dark, plumy and foral with distinct rose and wood notes - and incredibly sexy

To give you that luxury hotel feel whether you're at home on or the road, get MOR Little Luxuries Belladonna tinned soaps. The collectable tin makes it easy to store and transport, and the soap is exquisite - triple milled and vegetable based, it gives great lather. And of course it will make your house smell like a garden in springtime. Swoon.

It's not just the products themselves that feel indulgent - the packing is heavenly. So go ahead and gift yourself and all your friends with MOR

This is one luxury that you can afford. And then some.

Stephanie Dickison

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