Hard Candy's CC Crème - A Flawless Look With Just One Product

Hard Candy offers affordable, yet insanely effective cosmetics. It remains one of my favourite lines to date

I love how you can get the latest looks without having to fork over your paycheck. I find they are often ahead of the crowd in terms of trends, colours and textures too.

For example, I bet you're still on BB creams. Haven't you heard? It's all about the CC now!

Hard Candy CC Correction Crème is a multi-tasking wonder that means you don't have to dole out for concealer, primer, illuminator or SPF for the next long while, because this single product does it all.

CC stands for colour correcting
, so if you're like me and have an uneven complexion, help is here. Unlike foundation that simply covers over your lovely mug, this crème is formulated with "light optic pearls that neutralize the undertones of your skin," so it simply evens you out instead of masking everything. It goes the extra distance and erases your imperfections, brightens your skin and protects it with broad spectrum SPF 15, so you get the glow without the sun damage. 

Not only does it work like a fiend to make you look resplendent, it goes on beautifully. I find that a little goes a long way and the result is a fine finish that's not oily or powdery - just natural. There are 4 shades to choose fromFair, Light, Medium and Dark (I tried Light) - so you can be sure to get something that doesn't leave a harsh line along your jaw.

And it's only $8 at Walmart, so forget about blowing your budget on cosmetics and shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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