Di Potter Paper Table Collection - Toast to a Brighter, More Stylish Room

Lighting makes all the difference to the mood of your home. Too bright and things can appear garish and harsh. Too dim and it can seem a little sleepy.

But having multiple lamps in every room doesn't work - first of all, you've got to have enough outlets, which let's face it, most places doesn't have anyway, and secondly, there's all that extra electricity to pay for. 

Then there's candles, which aren't always the look you want and besides, do you really want to have to constantly stock up on them? Isn't it hard enough just trying to keep the pantry full?

That's why Di Potter Translucent Wine Glass Shades are the perfect solution - they give you extra light that you can have in an instant, but can change or take away when you need to. And all you need are some flameless tealights and some wine glasses.

That's the genius part of it - you've got the base parts on hand at home, and Di Potter furnishes you with the shades. And they take up so little room, so you can stash them in places that wouldn't normally be able to house a whole lamp.

And what gorgeous shades they are. Go ahead and pick the colours that go with your decor - each package contains 6 plain and patterned shades that will perk up any room. The patterns are right on trend, so you can add a bit of texture without having to wallpaper or invest in an expensive rug. I tried Golden Yellow Nantucket and they brightened up the room without overtaking it - perfect.

To top it all off, these spectacular shades store flat, so you can keep them in with your napkins and glasses without having to give up prime real estate. And with fresh ones always on hand, you can change the look and feel of the room whenever you like.

Let's see your lamps do all that.

Stephanie Dickison

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