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I am all for adding some glimmer and glow to my look. My skin is so flat and blah on its own, so I'm always on the hunt for products that will make look radiant. Fake it 'til you make it, right?

But I don't want to look like a Vegas showgirl either, so trying to find makeup that will illuminate my features without glitter and sparkles can be difficult.

Beauty For Real offers the best glow that also happens to look quite natural.

Get Glowing! Cheek Tint and Luminizer (pictured above) is one of the most revolutionary products I've ever used. I really suck at applying blush and tint. I just can never get it to look right. Until now. Thanks to this light silky tint, it gives me the most control of any cheek colour. It never stripes or blots, but instead, builds a innate rosiness that looks makeup artist professional.

Maybe that's due to their new patented ingredient, Luminera with a diamond core complex that diffuses light so that your lines and spots seem to poof - just disappear. Oh, and it's done with fab antioxidant, anti-aging ingredients like vitamin E and pomegranate and grapeseed extracts.

The multi-leveled compact contains the tint on the bottom and the luminizer on top, which go on like a dream - so satiny soft, yet it sets like a powder. I sweep the luminizer across my brow and at the top of my cheekbones to give my face much needed structure, but it's a subtle difference. One that gives me a more Photoshop finish than my usual mug.

This is one of those products that once you find, you hold onto for dear life.

I was really impressed with their Light Up Nail Polish too. Their new Rose shade is gorgeous and feminine without being too ballerina-y (a hard balance for pinks, I find). And boy does it last - I wore it for a week without any chips, despite my deep clean of the house from top to bottom. The formula is smooth and creamy, yet not too thick. It's formaldehyde, toluene and DBP free and there's a button on top that turns on a LED light should you be doing your nails on a dim morning.

Another keeper is the Light Up Lip Gloss. The richness of it is so decadent, yet it's not heavy or gloppy or sticky in the least. It plumps your lips without any stinging or tingling sensastions and it's packed with green tea and grapeseed extracts, aloe vera, avocado oil and marine collagen, so your lips stay hydrated long after application. 

I love that my lips are highlighted by this gloss, but their not slick or look like patent leather. It's an enhancement, but there's nothing cartoony about it, like many glosses these days.

If you notice that I look a little better, a little brighter, a little more put together than usual, it's because of Beauty for Real.

So go and get yourself some now and look like you, only better.

Stephanie Dickison

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