Philosophy's Miracle Worker - Face It, You Look 10 Years Younger

I adore Philosophy. They have kept me smelling good and looking younger for years. 

So when the opportunity to try their new Miracle Worker miraculous products arose, I jumped at the chance. Look well beyond my ahem-ahem years? Yes, please.

To start things off, you've got to prep your skin. Cleansing with Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-Aging Lactic Acid Cleanser & Mask not only removes all of that stay-put makeup that doesn't budge whether you sweat/swim/shower (keep away from your eyes though), but renews your skin thanks to a gentle exfoliation. This creamy, silky wash (leave it on awhile longer and it becomes a mask) gives you that radiant glow that previously could only be obtained by certain bedroom activities and laughing with your very best friend. So if people start looking at you differently, don't be surprised. - you've just got this effervescent look about you now.

Lines around your eyes are the first giveaway to aging, so stop it in its tracks with Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-AgingRetinoid Eye Repair (pictured above). This golden cream sinks into your skin upon application - one second it's there, the next it's gone. I'm fascinated by  how satiny my skin is after without a trace of slippery greasiness. Which is great news for those of us who can't leave the house without concealer (The last eye cream I used made it impossible to wear any makeup around them at all. Not a pretty picture.).

Philiosophy's powerful, exclusive high-performance retinoid (hpr) works to rid you of your lines, wrinkles, bags, and circles, and you'll notice a difference within the first week of use. There's no need to wait, so go ahead and finally RSVP to that reunion invite, get your passport photo taken and say yes to coffee with that cute guy/girl down the hall. 

And to belie the fact that you were up late working to deadline or tossed and turned all night going over everything you have to do, Miracle Worker Oil-Free Miraculous Anti-Aging Lotion keeps your skin looking cool, calm and collected. I love how lightweight it is and how it absorbs into your skin upon impact. I also appreciate how it seems to have to have got into all of the creases and cracks and filled them in, and evened out my wonky skintone, making me seem many years younger than I am.

Shop Philosophy's new Miracle Worker products now and keep 'em guessing about your real age for awhile longer.

Stephanie Dickison

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