NeuYear Calendar - Totally Crush It This 2013

I don't know why more people don't place more importance on calendar design. I think it impacts not only how we work, but how we think, how productive we are and how we move throughout the year. I always spend a lot of time perusing calendar and planners throughout the year, searching for a perfect fit.

One of the best wall calendars I've ever found is NeuYear by Jesse Phillips and James Martin

I love it's immense presence on my wall. It's not quite as tall as me, but close. For perhaps the first time, you'll be able to hone in on the big picture because you finally have a big picture to look at. Seeing the entire year before you at once is a little like writing down everything you eat in a day - your awareness immediately changes and you're finally able to see things in a different light.

Once you put up your stellar NeuYear, you'll notice how aware of time passing you are and how that affects what you do and when. It's one thing to have a month in front of you, but just watch having all of 2013 at your fingertips does for your productivity.

And don't just admire it - use it. The squares are plenty big enough to hold whatever you've got. It's truly awe-inspiring to see all of your deadlines and goals before you. And because Jesse and James are such great creators, they've made it so there's no gaps between the months, allowing you to sustain your momentum throughout the year. You know how when you watch TV on DVD, you can watch a bunch and get totally enveloped because there's no commercials? It's the same principle at work here.

But be sure to admire too. After all, it's as gorgeous as Kerry Washington. The serene, light cream colour is less blinding than white and the aqua is pleasing on the eye (it also happens to be the main accent colour in my office - how did you know?). The thin lines and light grey ink are bright enough for you to see, but soft enough that they fade into the background, allowing your appointments, due dates and other commitments to stand out.

And in case that's not enough, the clever J&J boys have created it so that it fits within your environment - one side allows you to hang it vertically, the other side - horizontally.

Sigh. It's perfect.

Get your own NewYear Calendar now. It's going to change everything.

Stephanie Dickison

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