Lash Control - Finally You're In Control Of Your Lashes

Some mascaras lightly coat your lashes, giving you a more refined look, but not much depth. Others go on extremely thick, delivering a dramatic change from your daily appearance. But it's always one or the other. You have to buy multiple mascaras in order to have any variation in your makeup routine.

Or at least you used to.

Now there's Lash Control, that will revolutionize not only your lashes, but the space in your makeup bag!

See, what it so brilliant about Lash Control is that you control how much mascara you want to apply. You simply squeeze on the soft, coloured plastic part in the middle of the applicator - the harder you squeeze, the less mascara will go on the brush, and thus, less on your lashes. Squeeze just a little and you get a fuller application that you can also build upon, giving you Kardashian-like fans of lashes.

I absolutely love that you get both looks from one tube of mascara, and it's no clumping, no flaking, for real, formula. So it works for the office and the night club, grocery shopping or late night drinks. And it's super easy to apply (no makeup artistry certificate needed) and remove (just warm water, so forget having to spend extra on makeup remover). 

I think it truly remarkable is that it's chock full of good-for-you ingredients to boot, like its beeswax base (so hydrating and conditioning), gingko biloba, chamomile flower extract, aloe, keratin, amino acids, aloe bargadensis leaf extract and panax ginseng root extract

So go ahead and just daub a little on or swath your lashes and change your look dramatically.

You can do it all thanks to Lash Control, available in 3 formulas - Clear, Natural and 2x Black.

Stephanie Dickison

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