Simone France Skincare - It's All About the Way You Clean You Skin

Never before in the almost decade that I've been testing beauty and skincare products have I come across a product line that focuses so much on how you clean your skin
Not only that, Simone France diagnoses your skin based on answers you give them and then recommends the proper product regimen based on your skin type and condition. It's truly like having your own dermatologist at your side.

I got pages back about my skin! Admittedly, the amount of information you receive is a little overwhelming (and truthfully, I was a little intimidated at first), but while it might seem like a lot, actually, you're able to discern what you need quickly and the products themselves are quite easy to follow, even if there are a lot of them. You'll get the system down quickly and there is a handy numbered instruction guide to make things even easier.

The problems I faced according to Simone France were:

1. You are using a drying form of cleanser and not getting your skin optimally clean. All liquid and foaming cleansers, even those with some good ingredients in them, are drying by their nature. It’s just a natural fact of this form of cleanser. And they all leave a thin film behind that builds up every day, further drying and irritating your skin.

2. You are using foundation and powder. While we understand the appeal of covering up skin problems with foundation and powder, these products actually contribute to the same problems they are designed to cover up. Your skin is never clean with these products on them and they deposit dozens of unnecessary ingredients on your skin. Over time the pigment builds up in your pores and causes uneven skin tone. All foundations are at least a little drying but powder is the worst - it sticks in the pores and is difficult to remove.

3. Chemical exfoliation and over exfoliation. Next to avoiding the sun, exfoliation is the most important element for healthy skin. In your case you are over-doing it by using chemical exfoliation with an acid and also mechanical exfoliation with sharp, non-dissolving abrasives and rice powder. All chemical exfoliants work the same way, by dissolving the "glue" that holds the skin cells together so they fall off faster than they naturally would, and reveal newer, fresher skin cells below. So basically they work by irritating your skin. But they do not actually clean or remove anything. Many people can see a good result at first, but over time, the daily dissolution of the skin structure causes increasing dryness, redness and sensitivity.

Here is what they recommended for me:

1. "Every morning clean your face with The Sandwich for Dry to Very Dry Skin."
This kit (pictured above) includes a large bar of soap, French Formula, Refining Scrub and 30 Signature Cleansing Cloths. What really amazed me by this one process was: what a difference using their soft, yet effective cleansing cloths made and for the first time ever, I applied scrub over a moisturizer (French Formula) and wow did my skin look gorgeous and completely renewed after just the first application.
2. "Every evening clean your face and remove your makeup (eye make up too) with Rich Milk and Refreshing Toner."
I did using the disposable Cleansing Cloths (they are so big, I was able to cut them in half and still have lots to use each time), and I would complete the process by again applying more French Formula - a lovely rich, thick cream that instantly makes my skin glow and plump.
This system has been in place for over 50 years and you can see why it works - it's not just about treating the outer layers - it's about treating your skin right, from cleansing to moisturizing
There is so much to love about Simone France:
- You get dedicated skincare that is based on your own skin type and issues - why use a regimen that is made for the masses when you can target your problems and concerns with the proper products?

- You see results right away - no postponing date night because you're waiting for your skincare to kick in.
- You'll finally see and feel what truly clean skin feels like. Simone France is the master of cleansing and you won't believe that what you thought was cleaning your face all this time really wasn't.
- Despite the lengthy descriptions, the whole regimen takes only 3 minutes. I think you can spare that for beautiful skin, don't you?

- They only sell their products online, so you don't even have to leave the house to get 'em. Talk about uber convenient and extremely helpful with your insanely busy schedule.

- You'll feel so amazing about your skin, you might just skin your makeup routine a couple of days a week. I have.

Simone France is different than the rest. They understand your skin better than you do. Isn't that who you want treating your skin?
What are you waiting for? Shop Simone France now.


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