Grace Carter Stylish ShoeCovers - Rock Your Heels Whatever the Season

I love wearing heels and shoes that will get me noticed, but rarely do I meet a boot that can do as much justice as a lovely pump. But winters here are full of snow, sleet and slush and it's just too impractical to rock my stilettos throughout the season.

But I don't want to be stomping around meetings in oversized moon boots or ski-like gear when I'm trying to look professional. Not a good look, people.

Grace Carter Stylish ShoeCovers allows you to rock your heels (or flats, if that's your jam) while protecting them stylishly and safely. The sleek material is water resistant, windproof, breathable and simply slips over your shoe - the stretchy fabric makes it super easy, and the zipper along the back has the most comfortable tab so you can zip in and outta them quickly. In fact, they're so effortless to slip on and off that you will look like you arrived in your blazing Stuart Weitzman's, without all the salt and snow stains. 

I love that the material doesn't bulk up your silhouette at all, so you look fabulous no matter what the weather and the slim heel gives you stability without being chunky in the least. Choose what style suits you most - high heel, kitten heel or flats. They even go as far to offer you your choice of round or pointed toe, a really thoughtful touch.  And should you be bored of head-to-toe black, go ahead and get the leopard print ones - what fun!

I really appreciate the incredible tread sole that delivers immense traction you need to get from place to place safely. Not even some of my boots have soles this good.

The boots fold up and come with a great little case (it's practically a purse with its strap and snap closure), so you can stash them discreetly and on-the-go. Forget having to lug your boots or shoes around town with you like the old days - these allow you to streamline travel and daily life.
Ahhh, isn't that better?

These fabulous high heel shoe covers were made for modern gals like you and me - busy, running from here to there, but still wanting to look our best.

Stephanie Dickison

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