Fresh Threads Drawer Fresheners - Bring the Fresh Outdoors In

Don't you find the air at home stuffy and stagnant at this time of year? Without being able to open the windows and with the heat on and recirculating, it can start to feel a little stale.

Bring the fresh air and spring breezes indoors this winter with Fresh Threads Drawer Fresheners.

If you're like me and always want your house to exude a "clean, crisp, just-laundered scent, " Fresh Threads are just what you need.  These wonderful paper fresheners can go everywhere from your dresser drawers to your clothes and hall closets to your gym bag and suitcases.

There are different scents to choose from, which allows you to not only cater the scent to your personality, but to the area you're going to use it in. For example, the happiest scent for me is a clean cotton one and Classic Clean delivers, so that's what I've put in my closet and dresser drawers. Every time I open the door or drawer, I am met with the feeling of a sunny day with laundry drying on the line. It's simply amazing and infuses a freshness to your clothes that you don't get from just washing them. Subtle Citrus also exudes a warm sunshine feeling and so I've got this one in my hall closet, so that when I grab my coat in the morning, no matter how dark the sky or deep the snow, I feel like I'm on vacation. Soft Amber is actually a pretty sexy, fragrance  - a soft, musky cologne but extremely subtle, like more of a the idea of it, a slight whiff of cologne, so I've slipped them into my fella's chest of drawers and kept one just for me because it's so engaging.

I have also placed them in our luggage, which takes away the staleness and any lingering airport smells and in my desk drawer because who doesn't want to be greeted with a fresh scent?

Each pack contains 3 fresheners, but the genius is that they're individually wrapped, so you never have to worry about the scent dissipating. With their cute, preppy patterns, these clean-scented paper discs work alongside your modern wardrobe and accessories and their scent lasts up to 3 weeks.

You know, I have never used scented drawer liners because it seems like a lot of work. These, you just hang or toss 'em in with your clothes - done. I love that. Low-maintenance just like me. And they're environmentally friendly as you can recycle them and there's no added bits of plastic or wood.

Shop Fresh Threads now and have the freshest, cleanest smelling house/clothes/drawers on the block.

Stephanie Dickison

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