Beyoncé Midnight Heat - Your Winter Just Got Super Hot

Have you changed your perfume this season? Girl, if you're still rockin' your delicate little summertime scents, you have got to get moving - it's winter and it's time to change it up. And who better to bring the heat than Beyoncé with her third scent, Midnight Heat.

As always, Beyoncé doesn't disappoint (I tried Heat Rush and Pulse too) and again, she delivers a very robust, deep plummy scent that is perfect for cold days and even colder nights.

And let's be clear - this was made for after dark.  Beyoncé says that she created Midnight Heat "because I wanted to introduced the ultimate evening scent - a sultry, sensual fragrance." 

It has a fruity vibe that isn't the least bit juvenile and a warmth that exudes such confidence and sexiness, don't be surprised if you're suddenly donning tighter dresses and favouring shorter hemlines.  Exotic fruits such as dragonfruit, starfruit and Armenian plum nestle against bold florals - purple mokara orchid, queen of the night black tulip and purple peony - and bursts forth with a warm amber, patchouli and sandalwood, making quite the enticing cocktail that will no doubt result in lots of nuzzling and cuddling under the covers. 
Midnight Heat is available in drugstores across Canada.

Stephanie Dickison

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